Walker Fire

May 10, 2003, 5pm — A forest fire which began under suspicious circumstances at around 5pm yesterday is now said to be about 30% contained. The fire is being called the Walker Fire.

Local authorities are investigating the origin of the blaze near the 16 Springs area, which is said to have scorched about 5,000 acres and has burned 2 buildings.

Slurry planes have been working the blaze during the day today. High winds have hindered efforts.

The fire’s path is said to be Northeasterly, away from the village of Cloudcroft.

No injuries have be reported as a result of the blaze.

Watch for the next report on Cloudcroft.com tomorrow morning or immediately if there are any major developments.

We hope to post pictures of the affected area tomorrow.

The Forest Service Press Releases to date on the Walker Fire are available here:



May 11, 2003, 6:30pm — Light winds today aided firefighters on the Walker Fire. No new injury or damage reports.

The hot spots are located too far from the main roads to obtain any fire shots, but here are some photos of the base camp.

Photo 1 – Tent city at Walker Firecamp.

Photo 2 – Supply depot at Walker Firecamp.

Photo 3 – Heavy equipment at the ready at Walker Firecamp.

Photo 4 – Message from residents of Walker Fire area.

May 12, 2003, 11:30am — The Walker Fire is reported as 60% contained. The burned acreage is now estimated at 3,434 acres. Confirmed losses include 3 houses and 16 outbuildings/vehicles.

Full containment is projected for May 13 at 6pm.

Here is the latest Forest Service Press Release:


May 13, 2003, 1:30pm — The Walker Fire is 85% contained. The roadblocks in the area have been lifted.

Here is the latest Forest Service Press Release:


May 14, 2003, 6pm — The Walker Fire is now 100% contained. Here is the final Forest Service Press Release.