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Scott Able Fire
On May 11, 2000 at about 3:30 pm, a fire began in Scott Able Canyon, about 15 miles south of Cloudcroft. The source of the fire was a downed power line. Before being extinguished, the fire consumed 16,034 acres and 64 homes. It also indirectly took the lives of 2 men, who died when their fire spotter plane crashed on takeoff.

Beginning the first day, Cloudcroft Online provided full-time coverage of the fire. In spite of the fire´s severity and the danger to area residents, other media virtually ignored the fire, concentrating instead on the fire at Los Alamos, which was burning at the same time. Our daily coverage of the Scott Able Fire is given below.

Day 1 Coverage – May 11, 2000
Day 2 Coverage – May 12, 2000
Day 3 Coverage – May 13, 2000
Day 4 Coverage – May 14, 2000
Day 5 Coverage – May 15, 2000
Day 6 Coverage – May 16, 2000
Day 7 Coverage – May 17, 2000
Day 8 Coverage – May 18, 2000
Day 9 Coverage – May 19, 2000

Our fire coverage photos are listed below.

Photos 1-4
Photos 5-7
Photos 8-10
Photos 11-12
Photos 13-15

Here´s a selection of the emails we received during our fire coverage.

Here are some really nice photos of the aftermath of the fire taken on May 20 by Diane Bazar. Her son, Michael, has written an interesting account of his evacuation from Bonita Vista at the start of the fire, which is available here.

Our thanks to each and every Cloudcroft Online visitor that supported us and contributed to our efforts to cover this fire.