October 5, 2001
Dear Subscriber:

I sat down this afternoon to write an article for the 

All that came to mind were random thoughts.

***I read last week that 86% of Americans claim to be depressed
over the events of 9-11-01. What are the other 14%? Comatose?

***We're told the terrorists that masterminded the attack on
the US didn't like us as a nation because we are decadent and
uncaring. To prove they are less decadent and more caring than
we, they killed almost 7000 of us in a period of less than an
hour. If that makes any sense, someone fill me in.

***I'm hearing entirely too many commercials on the radio and
TV advertising goods and services related to the terrorist
attack. Tee shirts to gold coins to "God Bless America"
furniture clearance sales to books on coping with stress. I
know this is the land of the free, but it's all making me a
little queezy.

***When you read this, Barry Bonds may have already broken Mark
McGuire's all-time home run record. Poor Barry. After what
happened last month, nobody seems to think the home run record
is any big deal.

***I saw a re-play of the planes hitting the sky-scrapers for
the first time in about a week last night and it was like it was
happening all over again. I guess I'm one of those 86% that are
still depressed.

***The mother of all terrorist weapons was used in 1945 on
Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Japan. How serious are we about this
war against terrorism?

***I dreamed last night that I ordered a pepperoni pizza. When
I got it home and opened the box, there was no pepperoni on it.
What's the significance of THAT dream, do you suppose?

***It is a period of solitude in the village. With school in
full-swing and the tourist season slowing down, locals have a
chance to get re-acquainted with each other. If you've never
visited Cloudcroft in the fall, you're missing this place in
all its radiant glory.

That's all I have for now. Still think I should write a book?

Don Vanlandingham

There has been a definite change in weather patterns in the
Sacramentos over the past 2 weeks. Cooler temperatures, a
little windy and little rain.

Highs are in the mid-60s. Lows dipping occasionally into the
upper-30s, but mostly around the low-40s.

We are in the vortex of the fall foliage season.
We're not making this up. The US Fish and Wildlife Service
says Cloudcroft is the only place in the whole world where you
can find the Checkerspot Butterfly.

On September 6th, the U.S.F.W.S. proposed the butterfly be
designated as endangered and Cloudcroft be designated as
"critical habitat". If the government goes through with the
designation, it could mean restricted use of the Cloudcroft
area for human recreation which could conceivably be disastrous
to the local economy.

A hearing on the designation will be held in the Civic Center
in Alamogordo on Thursday, October 18th from 6-8pm.
One of Cloudcroft's oldest and best established real estate
firms, Cloudcroft Real Estate is located on Hwy 82 and is
easily accessible to visitors interested in beautiful and
affordable mountain properties.

There are many reasons why Cloudcroft area property is so
desirable, whether you are interested in living in the area
year-round, owning a resort property, owning a property for
rental income, or a combination of any of those reasons. No one
in the Sacramento Mountains knows real estate in this area
better than Cloudcroft Real Estate.

See their link on the Real Estate page of Cloudcroft.com for
more information.


For 9 days in October (the 6th through the 14th) the New
Mexico skies are painted as hundreds of balloons lift off
from Albuquerque's Balloon Fiesta Park. Nothing rivals the
power of Mass Ascension on crisp early mornings as these
graceful giants leave the ground to take their place in the
cerulean desert sky.

For ballooning fans worldwide the Kodak Albuquerque
International Balloon Fiesta is a pilgrimage. There's
something for everyone to enjoy.
Q - I have been contacted by phone by the Law Enforcement
Auxiliary asking me to donate to the victims of the terrorist
attacks. I want to do something to help. Is this a good place
to donate?

A - The Law Enforcement Auxiliary is not listed among the
charitable organizations officially designated by the Federal
Emergency Management Authority. To be sure your donation goes
where it will do the most good, contact the Red Cross. NEVER
give money to persons going door-to-door who say they are
collecting for disaster relief. If someone approaches you in
this manner, contact the Sheriff's Office.
October 5 -- Homecoming Tailgate picnic. Skating rink. 6:30pm

October 5 -- Cloudcroft Light Opera Company Melodrama.
Zenith Park Pavilion, 7:30pm.
For more information call (505) 682-3317.

October 6 -- Cloudcroft Light Opera Company Melodrama.
Zenith Park Pavilion, 7:30pm.
For more information call (505) 682-3317.

October 6 -- Cloudcroft vs Faith Christian (football) (home).

October 6, 7 -- Art in the Aspens (Octoberfest). 
Juried art show. Zenith Park, 10am - 5pm.
For more information call (505) 682-2733.

October 6, 7 -- Aspencade Tours.
For more information, call (505) 682-2733.

October 10 -- Family and Community Education Club. 10am.
Mayhill Community Center.

October 12 -- Cloudcroft vs Capitan (football) (away).

October 18 -- US Fish and Wildlife Service hearing on
Checkerspot Butterfly. Alamogordo Civic Center. 6-8pm.

October 19 -- Cloudcroft vs Animas (football) (away).

October 20, 21 -- Apple Festival. High Rolls.
For more information, call (505) 682-1151.

October 27 -- Harvestfest. Pumpkin carving, hay rides.
For more information call (505) 682-2733.

October 31 -- Trick or Treat Costume Contest, Burro Ave.
For more information, call (505) 682-2733.

October 31 -- Halloween Carnival. Middle School.

Cloudcroft Art Society meets the first Sunday of each month,
2-4pm, in the Old Red Brick School House. No meeting in
December. Call (505) 682-2494 for more information.

Senior Van from Timberon to Alamogordo leaves the Timberon
Lodge promptly at 8:30 every Tuesday morning.

If you have news of public events in the Cloudcroft area, email

For an online calendar of area events, click the Events Calendar
link in the left column of our home page:


Dear Newsletter:

I don't know what caused me to notice your "subscribe now to
our free newsletter" the other night while I was on the
computer searching for recipes. Maybe it was the "free" thing!

Whatever, it really was a pleasant surprise to wake up this
morning and read through your missive. I love it. Such lovely
thoughts, not only from you, the editor, but from folks, just
like me!

I think I'll keep you around for quite awhile!

Carol Koss

Dear Newsletter:

I am so glad that you are taking care or the kittens. You
will love them! I wish all animals had a place to call home.
I would love for you to put in the letter a picture of the
mountains in full color as now...PLEASE!

Patricia McNutt

[We hope to have a monthly photo soon.]

Dear Newsletter:

I wish all pet caretakers (I don't think any cats are "owned",
and definitely not T, D, and H) were as kind and responsible
as you and your wife, Don. It sounds like the beginning of a
great working relationship that you are developing with the

My son told me recently that ALL calicos are female, and
usually when he tells me a fact about animals, he's right on
the money.

I really enjoy the newsletter. My kids and I visited your
beautiful city for a week in a rented cabin this summer,
and had a wonderful time. I look forward to our return trip
next summer.

Russ Ingram
Plano, Texas

Dear Newsletter:

Don, I just couldn't help but comment on this one, man let me
tell ya about pets. Now don't anyone get me wrong, I love
animals as much as the next pet lover, but there comes a time
when enough is enough.

Let's see, we have, or as it should be put, my wife and kids
have, Kit Kat, Simba, Laay Laay, Ci Ci, Tommy, Tubby, Jack,
Plinko, Angel, Tiffany, and one or two more that I can't
remember names for. What's that, eleven or twelve?

Now that's just cats, come on give me a break. Then there are
the two little ones, the Pomeranians Brecken and Shoo Shoo.
Then the big K9's in the back 1-1/2 acre: Nashoba, Maxwell
and Balltoe. Then there is the neighbor's dog, Maggie, the
Lab, she can't remember whether she lives at our house or hers
as she is in ours half the time.

Last I checked there might be another dog that thinks we are
a homeless shelter too.

Now as I said before, I love animals too, but enough is enough.
What's that total up to, let's see: 16 full time and a few part
time animals around the house.

Now out of that group, I claim one cat (Angel), one Pomeranian
(Brecken), that's my lil' man, and (Nashoba) when she is good.

My next move is to tell the rest of the family I will be moving
to Cloudcroft quite sooner than they will, and when they can
scale down the amount of pets they want (I'll take my three
with me), then they can have a husband and dad back.

Oh yea I almost forgot about the other four animals Shawnah,
Jessica, Blake and Brian (the kids). That would bring the count
up to 20+, they count as animals too you know, at least
sometimes anyway.

Anyhow better not push my luck by adding the wife in there
just quite yet, ok. She knows I still love her.

Brazoria, TX.

Dear Newsletter:

Well, it sounds like I've met my double (sorry Don, but I'm
referring to Peg).

While it sounds like you both are very aware of the reality of
animal shelters, euthanasia, and spaying/neutering, I can't
help but remind everyone to spay and/or neuter those mousers...
otherwise you'll end up knee deep in cats before you can say

And I wouldn't wait too long, either. My kitten came into heat
at 4 months! I never thought of spaying as being emergency
surgery until I awakened one morning to find our little female
kitten and her little brother doing the deed right there on
my bed!

...a fellow Cloudcroft animal lover

Dear Newsletter:

My family "inherited" a wonderful calico in much the same way
you did. Her name is "Patches", also a calico, and has us
trained quite well. She has been our property guard cat for
several years now. 

Glad to hear I was not the only one who could not turn away
such a tiny cry for help!


Dear Newsletter:

As a mother of cats, I applaud your recent adoption, and have
a request. Remember that feral cats are not as tough as one
might think. They may be cold in winter. You may find them 
snuggled up to dog bellies. Keep us posted.

Thanks for the neat letters, I love finding them in the mail.
Even though we visited your area last summer, and didn't get
up to Cloudcroft, we at least see it once a month through you.

Beth Scott,
Tampa, Florida

Dear Newsletter:

Thank you so much for the last two newsletters. I especially
enjoyed the Tom, Dick, and Harry story. It brought a smile to
my face and I needed it.

I just received a call from my husband, telling me that his
company is closing up offices all across the nation, but so
far, he's only looking at a pay cut. The attacks hit his
industry and associates pretty hard, some workers, clients,
and spouses were lost in the WTC. Our prayers are with their
families and the rest of the country as we wait for each new
recovery update.

Before September 11th, we were talking about taking a long
weekend trip to Cloudcroft so he could finally see why my
heart longs to be there. Who knows what the near future brings
but I can't wait to see the village again and take long walks
through the beautiful mountain trails and valleys found in

Enjoy the beauty around you for me and I hope Peg has great
success with her new babies.

Bless you,
Becca Squyres

Dear Newsletter:

I read your article on keeping the cats. That was really cute.

That is how my husband tolerates our three cats. They too want
to stay outside. Well, that is except for Jimmy. He's our first
really human tolerable cat.

We got him from our oldest daughter's friend. She found him in
a garbage can out at the ball park and he had nacho cheese on
his mouth when he peeked over and meowed at her. She was on
her way to take him to the SPCA (animal shelter), because her
dad would not let her keep two kittens.

He was soooo cute, a little mostly white ball of fur. He took
to all of us right away. He has been a very polite cat too. I
think he's a little bewildered too, because he was older when
he got fixed. Now what happens? 

Anyway I wanted to say my husband and I enjoy reading your
letters. We visit quite often, only a days drive for us Texans.

Best to Pat for her love of cats.

Shirley Bell
Huffman, TX

Dear Newsletter:

We stayed at Dusty's Place back in April I believe. It was me
and 3 girls (2 of them teenagers UGH!). We even came up to see
ya'll while we were staying there, and ya'll let us have a look
around Daisy's while we were there. I just wanted to let ya'll
know how much we enjoyed staying there and how much I look
forward to each and every newsletter. 


Hopefully I will be contacting ya'll this winter to rent again!!

Stephen Sanders
Odessa, TX

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