September 28, 2001
Dear Subscriber:

Add three to our family.

Five weeks ago we heard little "meows" under one of our cabins.
I went under the house to investigate. A mama cat with no
visible means of support had chosen our place to have her

A few days later there were no "meows". I assumed Mama Cat had
moved her ill-begotten brood someplace else.

Last week we spotted three little feline faces peering out from
our woodshed. Mama cat was nowhere to be found (probably
found a boyfriend and moved to Reno). Peggy's motherly
instincts got the better of her and she put a bowl of milk near
the woodshed. A couple of days later when Peggy returned from
a grocery trip I spotted a box of that fancy cat food in one of
the sacks.

"Peggy, we have to talk," I said. "We have 4 dogs. Most logical
people would say that's 3 dogs too many. Now you're obviously
in the process of adopting these 3 stray kittens. Your love of 
animals is admirable, but this is a home and not a zoo."

We sat at the kitchen table and discussed what we should do. I
said I would rent an animal trap. We would catch the cats and
take them to the animal shelter. Maybe they would get adopted,
but since they had been wild since birth, they may not be 
suitable pets. In that case they would likely be euthanized.

"You know what...?" sez Peg. (I hate it when she starts a
sentence with "you know what?" It invariably means I'm not
going to like what comes next.) "We could catch them like you
said. We could take them to the vet and have them fixed and
get them rabies shots. Then we could bring them back home and
they would be great mousers around the house and probably keep
away the skunks and raccoons."

Peggy's idea was humane and credible, not to mention
potentially expensive. Our dogs live in a large contained yard
so there would be no danger of a localized animal confrontation.
Peg would give the cats a little food and water (and a bowl of
milk when I'm not looking). They could make a cozy home in the
woodshed. We would just let nature take it's course.

I agreed to the arrangement. I'm not a big cat lover, but I
didn't want to be the meanie that took them to the animal

For the sake of identification, it seemed logical that the
kittens should have names. We decided their names should
reflect the grace and agility of the feline and the bravery and
cunning of a creature in the wild. Their names should signify

We took Tom, Dick and Harry to the vet yesterday. It wasn't
hard to catch them. We just put some of that high-dollar cat
food inside an animal trap we rented from the feed store. Tom
and Dick were actually accommodating enough to enter the trap
together, making Harry the only one left to catch. We took Tom
and Dick to the vet and sure enough, Harry was in the trap when
we got home. Harry didn't learn much from seeing her siblings
get caught. That or Harry couldn't resist that fine tasting cat
food. Harry joined Tom and Dick at the vet.

The vet said the 2 calicos (Harry and Dick) were female and
the solid black cat (Tom) was a male. Logical, since we had
observed the two calicos playing together while Tom preferred
to sleep and eat.

After an over-night stay at the vet's office, T, D and H came
home this morning. I half expected them to take to the hills
when we let them loose, figuring they had all they wanted to do
with humans, but when we opened their box, they bee-lined for
the woodshed. A couple of hours later, one by one, they came
out for a drink of water and some of that fine high-dollar cat

They look so fluffy and sweet and pettable, but they're not.
Tom, Dick and Harry are just 3 hired hands. For a little grub
and a place to sleep, they'll take care of the mice and spiders
that might come this way.

It ain't "Dr. Doolittle", but it ain't bad.

Don Vanlandingham

Fall is fully ensconced in the Sacramentos. The foliage is
showing off more colors than a 64 count box of Crayons.

Highs are in the mid-60s. Lows in the lower-40s. Heavy morning
dews, but not as much rain as last month.
Winters can be tough in these hills.

The Community Action Agency of Southern New Mexico can be of
help if your mountain home is in need of weatherization and it
is more than you can afford.

The weatherization program is designed mainly for assistance
for low-income, elderly or disabled mountain residents.

Call (505) 257-2120 for more information.
One of Cloudcroft's oldest and most exclusive fashion shops on
Burro Street. Discriminating lady's fashions and accessories.
Call (505) 682 2454 or email cloudcroft2000@hotmail.com.
(Reprinted from Governor Johnson's web site)

Gary E. Johnson: First Governor in the history of New Mexico
to be elected to 2 four-year consecutive terms. He is a
successful, self-made businessman, family man and accomplished

The Johnson Administration Goal and Priorities:

Governor Gary E. Johnson’s goal is to improve the quality of
life of all New Mexicans by concentrating on four major

Improving education by making it more accountable;

Bolstering economic development by reducing taxes and by
building roads and infrastructure;

Reducing crime by building prisons and expanding juvenile
prevention programs; and

Improving government efficiency by holding the line on state
government growth and on the number of state employees.

Governor Johnson has made a commitment to the state of New
Mexico to offer the best product, best service at the lowest
possible price and he believes that his pledge of "People
before Politics" defines his administration.
Q - There seems to be a larger than usual population of bees
in the Sacramentos.

A - Cloudcroft's population of bees become more active in the
fall. They challenge hummingbirds for their place around the
feeders and tend to "bother" people wearing bright clothing.

The bees of the Sacramento Mountains are quite docile and are
in no way related to the Africanized bees that live in warmer
climates. Bee stings in the mountains are rare and are usually
associated with bees being trapped in a person's clothing. It
might be good advice to button your collar all the way to the
top and wear long sleeves buttoned at the wrist, especially if
you're susceptible to an allergic reaction to bee stings.
September 28 -- Cloudcroft Bears vs Lordsburg (football)

September 29-30 -- Aspencade Tours.

October 5 -- Cloudcroft Light Opera Company Melodrama.
Zenith Park Pavilion, 7:30pm.
For more information call (505) 682-3317.

October 6 -- Cloudcroft Light Opera Company Melodrama.
Zenith Park Pavilion, 7:30pm.
For more information call (505) 682-3317.

October 6 -- Cloudcroft vs Faith Christian (football) (home).

October 6, 7 -- Art in the Aspens (Octoberfest). 
Juried art show. Zenith Park, 10am - 5pm.
For more information call (505) 682-2733.

October 6, 7 -- Aspencade Tours.
For more information, call (505) 682-2733.

October 12 -- Cloudcroft vs Capitan (football) (away).

October 19 -- Cloudcroft vs Animas (football) (away).

October 20, 21 -- Apple Festival. High Rolls.
For more information, call (505) 682-1151.

October 27 -- Harvestfest. Pumpkin carving, hay rides.
For more information call (505) 682-2733.

October 31 -- Trick or Treat Costume Contest, Burro Ave.
For more information, call (505) 682-2733.

Cloudcroft Art Society meets the first Sunday of each month,
2-4pm, in the Old Red Brick School House. No meeting in
December. Call (505) 682-2494 for more information.

Senior Van from Timberon to Alamogordo leaves the Timberon
Lodge promptly at 8:30 every Tuesday morning.

If you have news of public events in the Cloudcroft area, email

For an online calendar of area events, click the Events Calendar
link in the left column of our home page:


Dear Newsletter:

Thank you Don for the excellent Newsletter. It says what every
American feels.

I have a suggestion - why not have a Cloudcroft candle light
ceremony or two or three of them? Thanks for expressing so
beautifully your sentiments.

Bernita Williams

Dear Newsletter:

Thanks so much for your recent newsletter about the events of
these last few days. I am not sure if I am supposed to send
you this, but this site is a compilation of different sites
from around the world showing support for our beloved country.

It somehow makes me feel better knowing that there are other
countries out there that this time are really coming together
to once, and maybe in my life time, be rid of this type of
activity. Probably not, but I hope and pray that God will turn
the hearts of our enemies so nothing like this will ever happen

Anyway, thanks so much for the newsletters. 

God Bless America

David Burks,
El Paso, Texas

[The web site seems to no longer be there.]

Dear Newsletter:

An absolutely beautiful letter. May your fingers record what
we feel, not what we think. Our hearts will always hold true
while our minds remain confused.

Dedrianne Burgueno

Dear Newsletter:

I know what you mean when you say life will never be the same.
But I have to remind my self that what has happened is that the
USA has joined the rest of the world.

I was once in the Air Force, just as I know you were once. In
fact I was stationed at Holloman AFB, back when F15s were still
there and the stealth fighters were still on the drawing board.

What I remember when I was sent from one country to the next,
which included countries in the middle east: Americans seemed
to be a little too critical of people living in other countries,
and the countries they live in.

It seamed to me that Americans chose not to see the deep
problems these people have had, including long civil wars and
terrorist acts, and how courageously and creatively they worked
through these problems.

I think that Americans need to realize just how lucky we have
been in the use, and how unfortunate a large part of the rest
of the world has been.

It is a shame that it takes an event like this to get people to
see this truth, and my next question is how long will people


Dear Newsletter:

Hi Don, I don't think that W. H. Auden's poems are protected
by copyright any longer. Someone called my attention to this
one today. The title of the poem is the date: "September 1,

The poem was written at a time when Auden, a Brit, was
contemplating the events leading up to WWII. If nothing else,
you can refer people to the web URL so they can read this
moving poem for themselves. Like all of the world's best
poetry, this piece is not only timeless, but also prescient.


Jack Schuller

Dear Newsletter:

The paragraph you wrote about the Stealth Fighter Jet was very
moving. The imagery was so clear.

My mother is probably one of the Stealth's biggest fans. She
and my Dad would drive to Holloman occasionally (from El Paso)
just so she could see the Stealth on the tarmacs.

My mother has macular degeneration now, and has very limited
sight. She can no longer see her beloved plane. Thanks for
painting a picture of this "Big Bird". Yes, you did make me
smile!! You made her smile too when I called her and read the
paragraph to her.

Carole Gresham-Arnold
Axtell, TX

Hug those you love and pray for us all.

Dear Newsletter:

After the terrible tragedy on September 11, my office closed
Thursday evening to observe the National Day of Prayer on
Friday, September 14.  So... we immediately departed Houston
at 8:15 pm on Thursday evening and headed to our vacation home
in Cloudcroft.

It was so serene and beautiful when we arrived there early
Friday morning, even though it was misting rain.

What a peaceful place to run away to. It gave us a chance to
sit back and reflect on all our wonderful blessings we have
as Americans. We will win this war against terrorism and it's
great to know there's a place in the clouds waiting for me
when I need a little time away from the busy city.

Becky & Bill

Dear Newsletter:

Don and all of Cloudcroft: “Ignorance is bliss.”

After over 26 years working in Law Enforcement, I have become
pretty  callused. I have lost all of what once might have been
called innocence. I have seen the things that people do to
each other on daily bases, things I don’t even share with my
family. I have seen hate for others based on nothing more than
a belief or disbelief. I have seen pain laid upon persons
simply because they looked or talked differently.

On Tuesday September 11, 2001, this hate happen to us. Citizens
of the world! It may have been directed towards America, but
it killed and injured people from many places on our planet,
even people of Islam.

Here in Phoenix a madman shot and killed a businessman as an
act of reprisal, simply because the victim was wearing a turban.
The victim was a good man; he was an American. He was originally
from India. My people were originally from Germany. But we are
both Americans.

December 7, 1941 hate attacked us and we retaliated by locking
away our Japanese American brothers as if they were criminals.
It seemed like the right thing to do at the time, and it may
have done some good, as some of these people (very-very few)
may have been agents or spies. However, it was wrong, no matter
how you slice it, it was wrong.

Our enemies are Terrorists not Muslims!

I hope one day soon to retire and live in Cloudcroft. Someplace
where hate is something you say about broccoli, not people.
I know that I’ll never retrieve my innocence, but I hope one
day to be small again.

They say, “Ignorance is bliss.”

Bill White,
Phoenix AZ

PS: Oh yeah, it is September 21, 2001 and it is still 106
degrees outside… Oh yeah, broccoli was a bad example because
I actually like it.

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