Trap and Skeet Fire

IMMEDIATE NEWS RELEASE; Southwest Area Incident Management Team

DATE: JUNE 4, 2001


The Trap and Skeet Fire is burning on the Mescalero Apache Indian Reservation about 3.5 miles southwest of Ruidoso.

CURRENT ACREAGE: estimated 440 acres

STARTED: June 2, 2001, @ 1405 hours

CAUSE: human-caused and is under investigation at this time.

CONTAINMENT: 40% FUELS: started in mixed conifer; burning in logging slash, heavy timber, and buildup of timber understory

TERRAIN: steep, rocky terrain

VALUED THREATENED RESOURCES: the village of Ruidoso, timber resources, and archaeological sites.


EQUIPMENT: 18 engines (wildland/structural), 4 water tenders, and 2 dozers

CREWS: 10 Type I crews, 16 Type II crews

AIR SUPPORT: 2 Type I helicopters and 2 Type II helicopters, 6 air tankers

The forecasted wind event associated with the passage of a dry cold front did not materialize yesterday. The lack of "red flag" winds greater than 35 m.p.h. allowed the firefighters to maximize progress efforts on the Trap & Skeet Wildfire. The fire is now 40% contained because of aggressive crew, dozer, and aerial work. However, approximately 1/2 mile of line is left to complete. Priority work was accomplished on the entire fire perimeter and perimeter reinforcement is underway. Excellent progress was made on the "head" of the fire, or the areas closest to the Village of Ruidoso. Currently, there are 10 hotshot crews and 16 Type II crews. The two heavy helicopters fought hot spots with water drops (at the rate of 1,000 gallons per drop) yesterday. This greatly assisted firefighters working the fire with hand tools to cool and extinguish burning materials.

The plan of action for today has been to continue aggressive firefighting. Winds will diminish somewhat but temperatures are high (80s) and the humidity is still below 10%.

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