January 18, 2002
Dear Subscriber:

It is the in-between time in the Sacramento Mountains.

The anticipation of winter and the holidays has come and gone.
Summer is months away.

The last big snowfall was weeks ago. Another big one would be
welcome, but many of the days have been short-sleeve lately.
Around here that don't mean nuthin'. It could snow buckets

I complain in the summer about the constant traffic up and down
the road in front of my house. Now the road is deserted. I'm
beginning to miss the familiar faces of the warm season.

You may recall Tom, Dick and Harry...the three cats that
wandered into our lives last fall (Newsletter #77...September
28-01). Soon after they took up residence in our woodshed,
Dick disappeared. We don't know what happened to her, but Tom
and Harry have thrived. They're big cats now. They are under
the impression that two meals a day consisting of dry crunchy
cat foot, a big spoonful of FanciFeast and a small cup of
canned milk each is their inalienable right and they get plenty
bent out of shape when it's not served on time.

We would try and be more conscientious about feeding times but,
frankly, the motivation is not there. Tom and Harry are lousy

I told Peggy back when Tom and Harry were little that they
would probably always be wild but I underestimated Peggy's
power of persuasion (and the influence of FanciFeast). Nowadays
Peggy is met out the door by two cats rolling over to welcome
her long fingernails on their under-fur. They purr loudly
during this ritual. They even allow me an occasional rub on
their backs.

Tom and Harry have become disgustingly domesticated. We have
fashioned a large starofoam cooler into an igloo for them.
Today Peggy mentioned buying collars for them. Next is putting
Tom and Harry in our wills.

It's not all take. Tom and Harry give a little in the way of
entertainment to us humans (while the dogs, kept separate
from the cats, are not amused).

Since my favorite teams have long since dropped out of the NFL
playoffs, football season is effectively over for me (I'll
watch the Superbowl, but mainly for the commercials).

In the nick of time, Tom and Harry have invented a new game
that is as much fun to watch as a well-executed option football
play. I call it "Box".

The "offence" (usually Tom) crouches inside an open-top
cardboard box near the chest freezer. The "defense" (Harry)
cautiously approaches, doing her best to pretend she doesn't
know Tom is in the box. At just the right moment, Tom springs
from the box and a cat-wrestle ensues. Peg and I laugh.

Tom and Harry are really entertaining.

Maybe it has just been a long winter.

Don Vanlandingham

Unseasonably warm temperatures this past week. No new snow
since just after Christmas. Highs in the high-40s. Lows
occasionally in the single digits.
Here is an event that you can include on your calendar and in
your newsletter if you like. Most years, the Community of
Sunspot holds a casino night during the winter. The proceeds
go to the Sunspot Scholarship Fund for Cloudcroft High School

Here are the details for this year's event.

Casino Night
Saturday, February 9, 2002.
7:00pm - 12:30am in the Sac Peak Community Center. 
Craps, Blackjack, Roulette.
Gamble for FANTASTIC prizes!
Proceeds go to the Sunspot Scholarship Fund for Cloudcroft High
School students.

$8.00 per person buys 1,500,000 SPO casino bucks + free food
(sandwiches). Bring your favorite hors d'oeuvre and/or dessert.
Cash Bar or bring your own bottle.

Come and have a good time!! Bring some friends!!

Kit Richards
I've written about Paul Lofton before. Besides being a close
personal friend, he has been a friend of this village since he
and his wife Rita moved here about 6 years ago.

Paul has had some health problems and has spent some time in
the hospital in Alamogordo.

A smile from Paul is worth a thousand sunshines. He'll be home
soon. Keep him in your thoughts and prayers.
Located in the exclusive Irongate Subdivision, about 10 miles
east of Cloudcroft, this beautiful custom-built home is the
ideal property for family residence, retirement, vacation home,
or executive retreat. The 2,800 sq. ft. house is situated on
1.532 wooded acres and has 3 stories, 2 bedrooms, a sleeping
loft with library area, and 2-1/2 baths. The detached,
oversized, 2-car garage is finished and insulated and has a
second floor for storage. For more information, including
photos, the link to their web site on the Real Estate page of


For an appointment to see this lovely home, call 1-800-350-5041
(toll free).
Serving the Sacramento Mountains of New Mexico, its communities,
and the Lincoln National Forest. Covering the communities of
Timberon, Weed, Sacramento, Sunspot, Mayhill, Cloudcroft,
High Rolls, Mountain Park and Pinon.


Q - What are the chances of snow in February and March?

A - Another Crystal Ball Question.

The most accurate answer I can give you is: while Cloudcroft
is in the higher elevations (9000 ft. above sea-level), the
village is also the southern-most snow play area in the US.

The area averages a viable base of snow over spring break about
60% of the time.
January 17-19 -- Bears in Dexter tourney (away)

January 25 -- Lady Bears vs Hatch (BB) home (JV&V)

January 25 -- Bears vs Hatch (BB) home (JV&V)

January 26 -- Lady Bears vs Lordsburg (BB) home (JV&J)

January 26 -- Bears vs Lordsburg (BB) home (JV&J)

February 8-10 -- Murder Mystery, Cloudcroft Light Opera Company
The Lodge. For more information call 505-682-2566

February 9 -- Sunspot Casino Night 
Sac Peak Community Center, 7:00pm - 12:30am 

February 25-26 -- Circus Chimera, Otero County Fairgrounds
For more information, call 505-437-6120

Thru January 31 -- An exhibit by Refael Vega. Featured artist at
Eagle Ranch. Alamogordo.

Thru February -- An exhibit of oils by Jack Schuller. Ruidoso
Village Hall.

Cloudcroft Art Society meets the first Sunday of each month,
2-4pm, in the Old Red Brick School House. There will NOT be a
meeting in January. The February 3 meeting subject is
"Perspective." Call (505) 682-2494 for more information.

Senior Van from Timberon to Alamogordo leaves the Timberon
Lodge promptly at 8:30am every Tuesday morning.

If you have news of public events in the Cloudcroft area, email

For an online calendar of area events, click the Events Calendar
link in the left column of our home page:


Dear Newsletter:

Don, your comments about the Western are right one. I've been
eating there since the early 70's, when I'm in Cloudcroft.
Usually, I'm there on the busy weekends, Memorial Day, Mile
High Enduro, Aspencade, July 4th, etc. It seems that this last
summer, every weekend was a busy one. In spite of that, the
people there have always been friendly and outgoing, no matter
how busy they were.

People need to understand that seasonality in a resort town is
a fact of life, and to just be be patient. Some people get
treated rudely because they are rude to start with. We will be
back at the Western next summer, and for many more summers,
we hope!

George H. McMahan,
Lubbock, Texas

Dear Newsletter:

I thought I would ring in on the side of the Western Cafe. I
have not had the blessing of eating at the cafe on a regular
basis, but my family and I have eaten at the Western and have
found it to be a good experience in every way.

Ed & Julie Sinke
El Paso, Tx

Dear Newsletter:

Thanks for the Newsletter. I look forward to it. While I do not
know the names anymore, the places are familiar.

The Western Cafe holds a lot of fond memories for me.

Let me know if I need to send you something to help with the
cost of producing this letter. I would be glad to pay a

Sam Bradley

Dear Western Cafe Supporters:

Much apologies for offending. I did ponder as to whether the
hostess and waitress were having a bad day, and therefore, were
not up to par. After all, if a restaurant is as busy as the
Western Cafe, then something's being done right. People wouldn't
be coming back if the staff was always crabby.

I was telling the truth, though, and I'm sorry I offended ya'll
so much. As I said, the food was tasty. And I agree that the
prices are very reasonable. Also, we had maybe a 5 minute wait,
which is no time at all in my opinion.

I left the waitress a note about the problems we experienced
and worked hard to make things easy and pleasant for her. I
smiled several times, as is my personality to do so. Maybe you
are right, a word to the hostess may have been a better option.

As for advice about what to try next time we visit Western Cafe,
we'll give it a go. As to the advice about going to Ruidoso and
Alamogordo...been there, done that, had a pleasant time -- just
like the one we had in Cloudcroft.

TJ, BigW and Lilj

Dear Newsletter:

Hello to all the good people of Cloudcroft.

Somewhat like Mark Twain, I have never encountered a single
Cloudcroft village person that I did not like. You are all
wonderful, I can not wait to be called one of you.

My mother was in the restaurant business all of my life, in
one way or the other. It is a TOUGH profession, she had me
"help" her out on some of the busier occasions - and it is no
wonder that I chose other means to make a living.

The one thing that she taught me was not to go into a restaurant
thinking that Elephant Ears are "in season" - expect a place
that specializes in Country Fried Steak to have them, correctly
prepare them and on your table in 10 minutes - plus still smile
and support your coming back for more. I am always amazed with
anyone who is in this business, that all-patient person who can
still smile and wait on some "in-a-hurry-out-of-towner" (the
"out-of-towner" who came to the mountains to "kick-back", relax
and get away from the fast pace of the City, the one who expects
special treatment because they chose your village to try, to
corrupt the serenity that they came for in the first place) and
refrain from pouring a drink in their laps. 

In closing I feel that the service rendered is deserved from
the customers' attitude. My very wise Mother is gone now, but a
big "hats-off" to her and all the wait-people that follow.

Now you know why I admired you so much!! I applaud you for your
patience and kindness. 

We all have choices - I choose Cloudcroft and all who abide

Patricia Baxter
New Mexico native,
Austin, TX

Dear Newsletter:

Thank you for writing the rebuttal on the Western Cafe. Peg
and I have enjoyed eating there lo these 15 or more years and
all you can say is folks like that just do not know what they
are talking about. 

Thanks for the newsletter and don't let folks like that get you
down [or get your dander up].

Les and Peg Ruddock
Chippeway Park

Dear Newsletter:

Thanks for your most recent newsletter about the Western Bar.

My wife and I, too, when we are in Cloudcroft, do make it a
point to eat at least one meal at the Western Bar when we are
staying at our cabin. And, it's not because of my wife's cooking
either. But as you mentioned in your newsletter, you can't
please everybody.

Well, I can tell you that since the other places have closed,
due probably to those "soreheads" that all towns have, we do
find it harder to get in. We want to commend the staff at the
Western Bar for doing what I consider an almost impossible task
of trying to keep all of their patrons pleased even when they
are standing or sitting outside in the cold waiting to be

Even this past major holiday season with the snow that
definitely brings more people to town, they did a fabulous job
in getting the people seated as fast as they could and to take
their orders and get the food out to them, not cold, or luke
warm, but just right.

Now, being one of those who thought going to eat lunch at two
in the afternoon would avoid the crowds but still having to
wait almost an hour to be seated was still not a problem. I
would also like to point out that a few tables who were through
eating were just sitting and jawing knowing that there were
people waiting to get in was not the Western's fault. The staff
never asked anyone to hurry. No, I'm sure they just gritted
their teeth, came to the door and would simply say, "We will
get you seated just as soon as we can." 

So we just thought that maybe instead of complaining about
something, why not try and find the good in everything. You
know, this world would be a much friendlier place and I'm sure
Cloudcroft would be, too. 

So to those sore-heads out there, try smiling, even if it
hurts, and see if your whole outlook on life doesn't change.

Patrons of the Western Bar, Cloudcroft,
David & Deane Burks
El Paso, Texas

Dear Newsletter:

Just a tidbit of info on the Western Cafe. I guess you could
call her my aunt, but she used to be married to the Mayor of
Cloudcroft, who used to own the Cafe. His picture still hangs
on the wall in the restaurant/bar. Her name is Betty and she
now lives in Artesia with my uncle.

Margaret Kolbe
(Maiden name is Margaret Dansby)

Dear Newsletter:

I was in the Western just last Thursday (1-03-02) and business
was booming! At first our waitperson (I am nothing if not PC)
was not too friendly and my 16 yr. old granddaughter was quite
put out with her attitude: "no tip for her, wonder where the
manager is, etc," until my Mother, kindly old soul that she
is at 79, said, "for heaven sakes, shut your Mouth! Can't you
see that she is never still? All that poor girl does is run!"

And this was really correct. She never had a STILL moment. In
and out of the kitchen, always on a dead run, arms full of
trays of food, and/or dirty dishes on the way back. Of course,
Elizabeth couldn't admit that the girl was maybe just a bit too
busy to be her best friend, but she didn't say anything else.
(Also if my Mother said she is busy, SHE IS BUSY AND THAT IS

She did manage to speak a bit more by the end of our meal...
wonderful Mexican food...which is why we were there. We also
like the Western, but the place was a little more cleared out
by the time that we were finished. So (and the point of the
story is) tell folks to look around... if the waitperson is
hanging out in the bar, talking to friends and ignoring you,
then by all means, NO TIP, but if they are running like 
headless chickens just to get to everyone, give'em a break.
They may not even have enough breath left to pass the time of
day with you.

Also the ice rink was a bit mushy, but we had a good time

Hope to be back by next Christmas!

Carol Mehaffey
Rowlett, Texas

Dear Newsletter:

Have written before and since I consider Cloudcroft as my
second home, I couldn't sit still and had to speak on behalf
of the Western Cafe.

Cloudcroft wouldn't be Cloudcroft without the Western Cafe. I
remember as a child on rainy nights, after spending an entire
day in the mountains, my Dad would take us to the Western Cafe
for the Chicken Fried Steak. He and my uncle would have a beer
and on occasion would write their names on the ceiling in the

I have averaged coming to Cloudcroft every other month and when
time prevails, all my life. I am now in my forties. We have our
rituals down on what we do there. And one of the rituals is get
up early at least one morning and get to the Western Cafe before
the crowd hits and have breakfast. We love to get the sausage
and biscuits and my God daughter and I share them because they
are so huge. And we also have dinner there one night to get the
famous Chicken Fried steak. It is tradition and can't be broken.

I have never experienced in all my years any of the waitresses
to be rude in any way. Preoccupied, yes, but then look at the
place, it's packed!! This last May I was in there with 3 close
friends and 4 teenagers who were video taping our entire meal!!
(These were the same teenagers that were throwing rocks at the
Nitro Glycerin tank and in Sunspot, and we got to have a nice
visit with Pete Newman by the way! No honestly, it was a nice
visit, he told us all about the lenses on the telescopes.) Not
once did the waitresses get annoyed with our teenagers. They
laughed with them and got in the picture too. 

But what I have observed is that some of the visitors there,
and you can spot the first timers, seem to get impatient, and I
know they are tired, but since this is the most popular place
to eat, it will get packed. That is where patience must be
practiced. Sit back relax and take in the mountain air while
you are outside waiting for a table. Then inside, enjoy
conversation, go read the ceiling in the bar, and wait for a
wonderful meal.

Oh, and one more thing Don. I remember when you and Peggy had
your restaurant and we were most upset that you closed it. That
was where we spent our lunch when we were in the village. The
food there was excellent! We loved it! It was part of our
ritual. Another part of our ritual besides the shopping and
going to Sunspot is to take a day's drive to Las Cruces to the
Mesilla Plaza. There is an excellent restaurant there, called
the Double Eagle. But oh, you have to wait in line there too!
So go buy some jewelry next door or relax and take in the
Enjoy your newsletter, and I too have been wondering how your
dogs fared. My dog stays with the neighbors across the street
when we go off and their dog does the same with me when they
head out of town!

Della Eckles
Lubbock, Texas

Dear Newsletter:

We have been receiving your newsletter for over a year now, but
I have been hesitant to write. Why mess with something if it
isn't broken?

It was with interest and chagrin that I read your article about
The Western Cafe. We live in the quaint village of Dunedin, Fl,
a small coastal community in West Central Florida. Although the
county we live in, Pinellas, is the smallest county in Florida,
we have the dubious distinction of being the most densely
populated county in the state. On top of that, we are a travel
destination for much of the world who is on vacation. To say
that we are multi-cultural, and crowded, would be an

At the recommendation of former neighbors, who still live here
but now own property in Cloudcroft, we took a trip to New Mexico
in the spring of 2001. Our first day in Cloudcroft was after a
30 hour drive...it was chilly and raining...but we wandered into
the Western Cafe as per the advice of our friends. Upon hearing
that we had "brought" rain to the area, Carl treated us not only
to a round at the bar, but lunch as well. In our neighborhood
that is not called rude...aberrant perhaps...but not rude.

We enjoyed the area and the people so much that a 7 day trip to
Cloudcroft turned into a three week hiking/camping overview of
New Mexico. We, in all our travels, have never met so many
friendly people.

Our last day in New Mexico ended as it had begun...at The
Western. I personally do not recommend the Mexican Combo Plate
unless one is truly starved and plans to do nothing for the rest
of the day. It is still the standard by which all others are
judged! As for the whiners...I am reminded of that old saying:
you can please all of the people most of the time...most of the
people some of the time...but some people just don't get it. 
And to those people I would suggest...go home! Give our regards
to the folks at the Western...it will be our first stop the next
time we are in town.

Richard Williamson

Dear Newsletter:

Howdy! Must say, we've picked up some wonderful new remedies
as a result of your feeling ill. Thanks, but hope you are
feeling better.

We finally got to come over for a short visit the 26th & 27th.
Stayed at some friends at ponderosa pines. We were thankful
for the snow that was on the ground. Snowmobiled & enjoyed the
beautiful pines & countryside.

In defense of The Western Cafe; we've been coming to Cloudcroft
since the late 80's. It was Ray's Western Cafe, now just The 
Western. The names may change, and the faces may change, but
one thing's for sure (we also frequented the aspen as well);
you're not at Mcdonalds. The day I see a Mcdonalds in the
village, I'll know we've all lost something very special. Let's
hope that never happens and be thankful for The Western Cafe,
their good food,and I'll guarantee if you smile first--you'll
get smile back.

Tim Ryan
Cibolo, Tx 

Dear Newsletter:

Don, you know it's sad that people can't go somewhere out of
the hustle and bustle of the big cities of their normal day
lives to a place like the wonder land of Cloudcroft and enjoy
themselves without complaining about something that isn't just
perfect to their standards.

I have been to the Western Cafe every time I have come to
Cloudcroft and have had nothing short of the best time of my
life there and in Cloudcroft itself, have met some real
friendly people there as well that are always willing to do or
lend any information and service they might have. 

Hey on one of my trips there (Christmas last year), there was a
shop on the upper end of Burro Ave, sorry I can't remember the
name, but that had a painting I wanted which I had seen the day
before and did not get, but had closed just before I got there,
one that I really wanted as it was to be my Christmas present,
but we were leaving the next morning and so I would miss out on

We went over to another shop across the street, the one that
combines the leather shop on one side with the pet goodies on
the other. I was talking with the lady running the shop as we
went in about the shop across the street being closed just
minutes before getting their as my wife was looking around the
shop for her Christmas present, she called over and the lady
was still there in the building and opened up for me to come in
and get the painting that is currently over my fireplace right
now. Now here are two people with separate businesses one
helping the other out with a sale and both of them allowing
myself to fulfill my Christmas, generosity to the highest level
from both parties, what more can you ask for, come on. Thanks
to the both of ya!

Tell ya what if those two separate family groups ever come to
Cloudcroft again I do hope they enjoy themselves but they my
want to try out going out to the closest McDonald's or Burger
King or something of that nature and see how the service and
food is maybe they will be able to appreciate someone that is
waiting tables for people like them, truth be known I would be
willing to bet that the rudeness did not start with the
waitress, get my drift.

Carol you and the bunch at the Western keep up the good work
and keep your heads held high you have a hard job to do, that
is making EVERYONE happy with NO complaints, hope to see ya
soon, soon as I can get of this job in Florida and back to
Texas for a quick stop.

If you see someone that seems to be having a bad day while
presenting you with a service such as a waitress stop and put
yourself in their shoes and maybe give them a hug or tell them
everything's going to be OK. it just may bring out the best in
both of you, remember we don't live in a perfect world but we
can make the best of it if we are willing to try. 

Everyone remember what happen just a few short month's ago?
Life is too short to complain about the little thing's, enjoy
it, life that is, the people around you, and the one's that
are helping you, they might not actually be the one's being
rude, think about it! 

Brazoria, TX.

[Space prevents us from including the many, many more letters
we got praising The Western Cafe.]

Dear Newsletter:

My husband and I are frequenters of Cloudcroft. In fact, I have
been visiting since I was 3 years old. (I won't tell you how
long ago that was.)

However, in all of these visits I had never been tubing. So 2
years ago we took the whole family up to try it out. We rented
tubes, loaded up, and headed out. On the way to the canyon we
would use as our afternoon playground, we spotted a Blazer full
of teenagers. And low and behold there was a busted tube on
top. I laughed out loud--how can anyone bust one of these huge
tubes? We poked fun of those poor kids until we reached the
perfect spot for tubing. 

What can I say but that we thoroughly enjoyed the day. Tubing
is really great fun. Our kids went up and down that a hill a
million times until they were tuckered out. I thought I would
give the hill one last glorious go -- just to end a perfect day
in a perfect way. As I looked down from the top with great
confidence, I slipped. Gravity sent me down the hill at an odd
angle at warp speed. And can you believe it -- there was one
little microscopic, razor-edged rock sticking out of all of
that thick, fluffy snow. I hit it. It was then that I learned
exactly how a person can bust one of those huge tubes.

Happy Tubing.
Denise Oden
Lubbock, Tx 

Dear Newsletter:

Tubing is fun, but if you want a thrill of a lifetime, try
going down a steep hill on a giant Coca Cola metal sign in
1958 with about 7 people on board at about 40 miles an hour.

The best part was when we went over a hump, the sign fell to
the ground, and all of us stayed in the air for a second, then
landed on the sign and slid the other 200 feet down the
mountain. That will make you check your teeth.

Philip Duncan
The Woodlands, Texas by way of Carlsbad, NM

Dear Newsletter:

In Roy & Robins letter to you in Newsletter #92 they suggested
you write about TUBING! Please don't fail to mention that TUBES
are available for rent at the AltaVista Chalet Motel from the
cutest little blonde and her equally cute red-headed mom!
(Sorry, do I sound prejudiced?)

Spent the MOST beautiful Christmas Eve in Cloudcroft. (Yes, with
the same 2 cuties!) The snow was what dreams & memories are
made of!

Hope you're feeling better.

Carole Arnold
El Paso, TX
(...& yes, I must confess...I am the mother of the red-head!)

Dear Newsletter:

I have just completed reading my first Newsletter from one of
my favorite places in the world. A great read!

We were in Cloudcroft for a few hours this past Saturday and
as always was intrigued and felt the magical atmosphere that is
ever present in your beautiful Mountain Town.

Although Cloudcroft is growing and more people are moving in, it
still retains the "small town" feeling. Hope it never changes.

It seems I never get enough time to see and do all of the
things that Cloudcroft offers. But, am looking forward to
spending more time there this summer.

Thank you for staying friendly.

Marian Goodin
Hereford, Texas

Dear Newsletter:

Oh, how I wish I could have been there between Christmas and
New Year's to experience your snow! Having grown up in West
Texas and now living in East Texas, the one and only white
Christmas I have ever experienced (at least white where there
was snow deep enough to measure) was in Cloudcroft back in
the mid-80's. As the lady from San Antonio said...it was truly
magical! My family and I drove up from Lamesa to have Christmas
in your wonderful village and it started snowing on us at the
foot of the mountains. It was so very beautiful! It is one of
my favorite memories. 

My best friend and I use to make an annual trek to Cloudcroft
to celebrate her birthday in January. We always kept our fingers
crossed in hopes there would be snow. Neither of us ski, tube,
or any of that stuff. We're both too clumsy!!! But we love to
play in the snow and make snow angels. There were very few trips
where we were disappointed.

She joined my husband, mother-in-law and me this last October
in a trip to stay at your place. We both knew it was early in
the year, but we both hoped we would again get to experience a
Cloudcroft snow. It didn't snow but we had a wonderful time and
were reminded of how much we miss our annual trips. 

We have been enjoying your newsletter since last August when my
cousin in Midland, who is lucky enough to have a cabin there,
told me about it. Your lead article has made me laugh many times
and has brought tears to my eyes more than once. Keep up the
great job. I look forward to reading it each week.

Charlotte Sanders
Flint, Texas (outside Tyler)

Dear Newsletter:

As everyone else, sure do enjoy your newsletters. I do, however,
have problems with some of the downhill drivers. When I drive
down the mountain to Alamogordo, I always go THE or BELOW the
speed limit I have a grand Angel in the car everywhere I go,
and I'm not going to speed up just so some nut can fly around
me at top speed!

We took one of our trips down the hill the other day, and this
pickup came flying down on us and almost ran us over, because
he was going so fast. He began swerving on the road trying to
come to a halt when he run up on me. Me, being the slowpoke I
am, didn't speed up at his tailgating.

I'm not going to risk our lives just so someone else can risk
theirs. There was no place to pull off the road to get out from
in front of this nut who was trying to eat the backend out of
my car.

Finally, we came to a fairly long spot in the road, still in a
no passing zone, and this guy SHOT around me. There were two
people in the pickup, and one of them flipped me off! Not only
did he flip me off, he held his "sign" there until they were
out of sight! I couldn't believe it. I know people get in a
hurry, but hey, there are those of us who value life more than
that, and when I pull up on someone going slower than I am down
that mountain, I figure there's a good reason for it, and I wait
my time until it's safe to pass at a safe speed.

Yes, I get made fun of and told I'm like my Dad used to be, but
that's ok, my grand Angel and I are hopefully gonna make it to
the bottom of the mountain in one piece and alive! That way, we
can drive back UP that mountain to our beautiful home in the

I've decided I need to get me a piece of plywood about 4x4 and
hang it on the back of my car and paint a sign on it that says:
"Grandchild or speed... you decide".

Here's to all of us "slowpokes"... we DO have our reasons.

Praying for a wonderful year for you and all the great folks in
Cloudcroft. Oh, by the way, anyone stopped by the Chamber
lately to talk to the girls and tell them thanks for a wonderful
job? People sometimes don't think of all the areas they cover
there, and they've got a lot of us in mind every day. I tip my
hat to them. Thanks, girls.

Mikel McGinn

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