July 20, 2001
Dear Subscriber:

It is my contention that everyone has the desire to be good.
The degree of goodness of people is scattered all over the
spectrum. There are some people who are so good it makes your
teeth hurt. They're always volunteering to help others, giving
their property and money to people they think need it worse 
than they do, never a discouraging word...you know the type.

On the other end of the scale there are those that never lift a
finger for others. They will tip only at the point of a gun.
They'll cross the street to avoid the Salvation Army kettles.
Yet when you least expect it, these self-centered, cold-hearted
poot-heads will do something selfless like taking a stutter-
step to avoid an ant on the sidewalk.

Peg and I are somewhere in-between on the goodness scale. Most
of the time we're extremely careful of other's feelings. Last
week we back-slid a bit.

It has been unfathomly hot all over the Southwest. We have
avoided going into Alamogordo (17 miles across and 5,500 feet
down from Cloudcroft in the Tularosa Basin).

To give you an idea of how hot it can get in Alamogordo, they
set off an atom bomb close by there in the summer of 1945 and
it cooled things off.

If we have to make a trip to "The Basin," we try and go early
in the morning so we're back in Cloudcroft when the sun gets

Fate juggled our plans last week and we found ourselves in 
Wal-Mart in Alamogordo at 2 in the afternoon. Outside it was 
103 degrees. We were standing in the check-out line with people
who looked like cast members of a survival TV show. When it is
that hot, personal appearance takes a back seat to the search 
for comfort. Everyone seemed to be in particularly sour moods; 
very few "Hi, how are you?"s and a bunch of "Hey, your cart's 
in my way."

The check-out clerk was doing her best to be cheerful (it's a
part of the Wally-World mantra).

"How hot IS it out there, anyway?" she asked Peggy as she put
the fabric softener in the plastic sack. Her smile was about to
crack her face.

"About 70," Peg said.

"No, honey," I interrupted. "She means HERE. It's about 105
here. It's about 70 in Cloudcroft where WE live."

Heads turned. Some faces showing envy...others showing 
contempt. It was as if we all had cookies, but Peg and I were
the only ones with milk.

That's when our meanness manifested itself. We couldn't help 

As Peg filled out her check on that little check-filling-out
platform, she turned to me and said (loud enough for others in
the line to hear), "It got down right CHILLY last night, didn't
it?" It was a verbal dagger to the hearts of our wilting check-
out audience.

"Yeah", I said. "At around sunrise, the furnace came on," I
twisted the dagger.

Peg was really getting into the spirit. "Darn...I'll bet it 
will be RAINING when we get back up there."

It was like an old Sonny and Cher monologue. I said, "Yeah...

We pushed our cart quickly to the truck, not wanting to spend
one more moment than was necessary in that heat, nor any extra
time around those restless shoppers that were growing more
surly by the moment. We pointed the Ford back up the mountain,
and with each passing mile, the exterior digital temperature 
gauge dropped degree after degree.

The Mountain Meanies were going home.

Don Vanlandingham
---------------------------------------------------------------- IN THIS ISSUE ---------------------------------------------------------------- 1. LOOKING AT THE WEATHER 2. SPECIAL -- NEW CLOUDCROFT PANORAMA 3. VILLAGE NEWS 4. INSIDE THE SHOP -- DUSTY'S PLACE 5. CLOUDCROFT ONLINE SPOTLIGHT -- NEW MEXICO TOURISM 6. Q AND A (BECAUSE CLOUDCROFT ONLINE READERS WANT TO KNOW) 7. COMING EVENTS 8. LETTERS TO THE EDITOR 9. CONTACT INFORMATION ---------------------------------------------------------------- LOOKING AT THE WEATHER ---------------------------------------------------------------- The rainy season continues with regular showers just about every afternoon this past week. As much as a half inch a day (a rough average). Dust levels are low. Allergies are subsiding. Highs are in the mid-70s. Lows in lower-40s. Forest services are open and not restricted except for camping areas still under repair. Call the Sacramento District (505) 682-2551 for updates. ---------------------------------------------------------------- SPECIAL -- NEW CLOUDCROFT PANORAMA ---------------------------------------------------------------- Kit Richards was asked by Gary and Wendy Mack, owners of the Cloudcroft Hotel and Mall, to create a new panorama of downtown Cloudcroft. The latest panorama shows the beautiful renovations to the Mall by Gary and Wendy Mack. They have given us permission to share this panorama with you: http://www.cloudcroft.com/views/burro2.htm The earlier panorama by Kit Richards is still viewable here: http://www.cloudcroft.com/views/burro.htm For more information on the Cloudcroft Hotel and Mall, see the Lodging page of Cloudcroft.com. ---------------------------------------------------------------- VILLAGE NEWS ---------------------------------------------------------------- Archeologist Pete Eidenback will speak to the Cloudcroft Historical society July 22nd in the commons area of the Cloudcroft Middle School starting at 2pm. The public is invited. His talk will be about ongoing archeological research in the area, particularly the work being conducted in the cave just off the highway near the tunnel on Hwy 82. ---------------------------------------------------------------- INSIDE THE SHOP -- DUSTY'S PLACE ---------------------------------------------------------------- This 3 bedroom, 2 bath vacation get-away home was remodeled last fall. Fully-equipped kitchen, propane grill, fireplace (wood furnished), satellite TV and VCR, large capacity washer and dryer. All the comforts of home in a rustic mountain setting. See their website link on Cloudcroft.com under "Lodging". ---------------------------------------------------------------- CLOUDCROFT ONLINE SPOTLIGHT -- NEW MEXICO TOURISM ---------------------------------------------------------------- Welcome to the Land of Enchantment. Here you will find amazing beauty, ancient cultures, outdoor recreation, and warm hospitality. The landscape is rich with diversity from mountains to desert to lakes and forests. Request a FREE Vacation Guide to help you plan your trip by calling toll-free (800) 733-6396, ext 0643. ---------------------------------------------------------------- Q AND A -- BECAUSE CLOUDCROFT ONLINE READERS WANT TO KNOW ---------------------------------------------------------------- Q - When did railroad service to Cloudcroft end, and why? A - The last train left Cloudcroft in 1947. After the construction of Highway 82 between Cloudcroft and Alamogordo, the use of the train as a passenger carrier was curtailed. It became economically unfeasible to continue operating the train. ---------------------------------------------------------------- UPCOMING EVENTS ---------------------------------------------------------------- July 20-21 -- Melodrama. Open Air Pavilion. July 20-22 - Bluegrass Festival. Weed, New Mexico. For more information, call (505) 687-3648. July 21 -- Mountain of the Lord BBQ and Music Fest. Zenith Park 1pm to 6pm. Free admission. For tickets call (505) 687-2530. July 28 -- Chili Cook-off. Ski Cloudcroft. For more information, call (505) 437-6259. August 2-5 -- Gathering of Circles. A celebration of Native American spirituality. For more information, call (915)-550-3302. August 11 -- Persied Meteor Shower Watch. White Sand National Monument, 8:30pm. For more information, call (505) 479-6124 August 16-18 -- Otero County Fair. Frontier Village, Otero County Fairgrounds. Alamogordo, New Mexico August 17 and 19 -- Singing in the Clouds. High School Cafeteria. For more information, call (505) 682-2733. August 24 -- Cloudcroft/Hagerman football game (away). September 1-2 -- Labor Day Fiesta. Sidewalk sales, entertainment, street dance, and games for kids. For more information, call (505) 682-2733. September 15 -- Enchanted Jazz Festival. Alamogordo, New Mexico. For more information, call (505) 434-0559. September 15-16 -- Hot Air Balloon Invitational. White Sand National Monument. For more information, call (505) 682-3785. September 16 -- Governor's 10k Run/Walk. 40k Time Trial Bike Race. For more information, call (505) 687-2133 September 29-30 Aspencade Tours. Cloudcroft Art Society meets the second Thursday of each month in the Old Red Brick School House. Call (505) 682-2494 for more information. Senior Van from Timberon to Alamogordo leaves the Timberon Lodge promptly at 8:30 every Tuesday morning. If you have news of public events in the Cloudcroft area, email us. ----------------------------------------------------------------- For an online calendar of area events, click the Events Calendar link in the left column of our home page: http://www.cloudcroft.com/index.html ----------------------------------------------------------------- LETTERS TO THE EDITOR ----------------------------------------------------------------- Dear Don, I AM YOUR MOTHER and I agree with your readers. You do need to write a book. I have known since you were one year old that you had a lot of talent. We all loved to hear you on the radio, but now, since you have lost your radio voice, we love your newsletter. It's not the first time I knew you could write. You wrote when you were in grade school. I don't think you know how talented you are, but I do. Love, Mom ----------------------------------------------------------------- Dear Don and Peggy: We all loved your newsletter about the wedding. Feeling very important to be included "in the news." You will be happy to hear that after the boozeless reception, all of the young people went to a local club and then on to a hotel room and partied until morning. Thanks again for coming to the wedding. Love, Mother of the Groom ----------------------------------------------------------------- Dear Newsletter: Regarding the Rio Penasco, I ran across this on the web about fly-fishing the river. I thought that you might like to take a look at it. http://www.tri-cityherald.com/TRAVEL/stories/nation/penasco.html I enjoy the Newsletter and your conversational, laid-back style of writing. I've read all of the back issues so that I wouldn't miss out on any local goings on. You are making new friends with every Newsletter. I look forward to actually meeting you one day. Your "Mom" is right. Your should compile the Newsletters into a collection one day and publish them. I visited Cloudcroft with my family back in February 2001. My daughter learned to ski at Ski Cloudcroft and I met so many nice people there and around the Village. (Hello to Ann at the Burro Street Spice Company!) Some friends of ours (the Bakers) had just moved to Cloudcroft in December 2000 and invited us to come visit. I had passed through Cloudcroft some 34 years ago, and of course I couldn't say no! Something I've noticed over and over in the Letters To The Editor. Once in Cloudcroft, it stays in your mind. A kind of love at first sight. It's one of those places like Shangri-la, or Oz. It really IS enchanted. Sharon Cox, Magnolia, Texas ----------------------------------------------------------------- Dear Newsletter: Fishing on the Penasco. I have been researching this for years myself. The only part of the Penasco on government land is close to Weed where you can step across it. The "good" fishing area is well below Mayhill where everything is privately controlled. I heard there is a club that leases land in this area to obtain access for fishing. I would like to know how to join. Years ago, I met a man who is a former school teacher whose name I can't remember. He has a real estate business in Cloudcroft. He is tall and wears a cowboy hat. (I will remember his name as soon as I hit the send button). He said he fished often in the Penasco and had permission to cross private land through parents of children he had taught. If this makes sense, you might talk to him. Please let me know what you find out. Bill Crutcher ----------------------------------------------------------------- Dear Newsletter: This is my first letter from Cloudcroft Online [issue 66]. I loved it. My first visit to Cloudcroft was in 1972. My aunt, Pearl Siegenthaler, had a house there--up the hill right across from the school. She and her husband lived in Artesia, but had that place in Cloudcroft. I was there for three weeks that year attending the Art School of Ray Froman and fell for Cloudcroft. Just seeing the name takes me back to those days, and I have continued to visit the town since then. It was a wonderful experience to live there. The Lodge, the village, the smells, the sight of White Sands, the mountains, the turn by the meadow with all the corn shocks there in the Fall--all so consuming to my thoughts. Uncle Bill and Aunt Pearl have left their Earthly homes within the past year or so. Aunt Pearl is still there a bit, and I can see her in the meadows now. Cloudcroft is wonderful. It is a part of me. Sincerely, Patricia McNutt ----------------------------------------------------------------- Dear Newsletter: I've written & told you before...but MUST do it again.... I so enjoy your newsletter! If work is depressing me or something else is wrong w/ my day, when I get the newsletter, my whole "altitude" changes! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!! I, too, just returned home from a weekend reunion with classmates! The 1961 thru 1972 grad. classes of Bel Air High School, El Paso, TX. "Mighty Highlanders" Big Red!! (etc., etc., etc.) We had so much fun! I guess that's one reason your newsletter is so good...people can relate...!!! I love to listen to the stories people tell about their lives & where "the road" has taken them! Thanks again. Carole Gresham Arnold Axtell, TX ----------------------------------------------------------------- Dear Newsletter: I don't know what you did for a living, but you should have been a writer, if you weren't. I just LOVE your stories each week and I can't wait 'till Thursday's to read them. They are so funny and always 100% accurate. You really have a flair for writing and I offer you my utmost congrat's and kudos'. You're great! Mike Rocky Meadows Golf Course Carlisle, PA ----------------------------------------------------------------- Dear Newsletter: Don, you simply must compile your weekly stories into a book! Don't try to put them in chapters or arrange them by topic... chronological order would be perfect! It would maintain the mood and feel of week-to-week thoughts and experiences. I want very much to go back at times and reread some of your stories, but I failed to keep them. So put them in a book. I want to buy a copy and put it on the end table beside my lazyboy so when I get home at night I can have my coffee and laugh a little, cry a little, and sometimes just reflect on ordinary life. What do you think? I've got some more ideas about it if you're interested. Sincerely, Mark Dillon [Thanks, Mark. All of the old newsletters are on Cloudcroft.com. See the link at the bottom of this newsletter.] ----------------------------------------------------------------- Dear Newsletter: Just wanted to thank all who came from Phoenix, Texas and Cloudcroft to the Hanley's "30, 50, 60+2 Summer Party." It meant a lot to have all of our old and new friends celebrate with us. Love to you all, Fred, Beth and Cassandra ================================================================ CONTACT INFORMATION ================================================================ TO UNSUBSCRIBE To unsubscribe, email: unsubscribe@cloudcroft.com ---------------------------------------------------------------- TO SUBSCRIBE To subscribe, go to http://www.cloudcroft.com/subscribe.htm ---------------------------------------------------------------- BOUNCED EMAILS If email to an address bounces (returns to us), that email address is automatically deleted from our mailing list. 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