September 15, 2000
Dear Subscriber:

This is a sort of "break time" around the villages in the
Sacramento Mountains including Cloudcroft. The concentrated
summer tourist activity has subsided and locals are allowing
themselves the opportunity to put their feet up on the desk for
a few minutes.

I bought a new chain saw this week. Now if I can just find
someone to run it.

One of our emails from last week requested we keep readers
abreast of how the Cloudcroft Bears are fairing on the football

Not well, I'm afraid. They lost to Tularosa this past weekend
40-zip. The Bears are 2-0. The season is still young. That's
what the Dallas Cowboys are saying, too.

Don Vanlandingham

It is not my intention to make readers jealous or envious, but
our weather as fall approaches has been simply perfect. Combine
the cooler temperatures with the green lushness of the summer
and you have a veritable best-of-both-worlds. Highs are still
in the 70s. Lows are in the upper 40s. Our furnace cycled on
during the night a few days ago but I threw a shoe at it and it
hasn't happened since.
Gloria Wood (if you don't know who Gloria is then you don't
spend much time in Cloudcroft) has declared the "Puttin' on the
Ritz" variety show staged last month to benefit victims of the
Scott Able Fire a big success. In this village, the talent has
at least as much fun, if not more, than the audience during our
occasional productions. A little over $5000 was raised.

This money will be used to help some people that lost their
homes in the fire and also the subsequent mud slides that
occurred afterward. In Cloudcroft the definition of "welfare"
is the community getting together to help neighbors in need.

Maybe the folks in Washington should come and see the way
things are done in Cloudcroft.
The First National Mobile Home was opened a couple of weeks ago!

The temporary banking site was set up so the existing building
could be torn down and way could be made for an all new First
National Bank Cloudcroft Branch. The new bank is scheduled to
open early in 2001. It will feature two drive-throughs and an
ATM drive-through.

First National Bank has been serving Cloudcroft for almost 40
years. See their web site on Cloudcroft.com.
Not only is H.A.F.B. the home of the Stealth Fighter, the
world's most sophisticated military aircraft, the base is also
the home of a training unit of the German Air Force. The German
service men and women and their families have become integrated
into the communities of the area and can be seen mingling with
the villagers in Cloudcroft every weekend.
Q - Cloudcroft is almost 9000 feet above sea level. Does this
altitude cause any health problems for residents or frequent

A - Most doctors say living at such an altitude should pose no
special problems unless there are preexisting conditions such
as heart or respiratory ailments. It certainly has no lasting
effect on frequent visitors. Most locals will tell you it is
an excellent place for the "laid back," since over-exertion at
this altitude is not recommended unless a person is in tip top
physical shape. That might be one reason for the slower pace
of life in the Sacramento Mountains.
September 16 -- Cloudcroft Clean-up Day -- Volunteers should
meet at the Chamber of Commerce between 8am and 2pm.

September 22-23 -- Star Party II. Call 505-437-2840 for more

September 22-23 -- Healing Hearts Weekend. Call 915-550-3302 
or visit http://www.jps.net/trvlnell/goc/ for details.

September 29, 30 and October 1 -- Chubby Tire Rendezvous Bike

September 30 -- Cloudcroft Garden Club Style Show. Middle

October 6-7 -- CLOC Melodrama. 7:30pm in the Open Air Pavilion.

October 7-8 -- Oktoberfest. Zenith Park activities. Sales and
special events in downtown Cloudcroft.

October 28 -- Harvestfest. Pumpkin carving. Hay rides.
Haunted house.

For an online calendar of area events, click the Events Calendar
link in the left column of our home page:


Dear Newsletter:

Thank you so much for sending the newsletter from Cloudcroft.
We certainly enjoy it.

Bette and Rex Wagoner
South Padre Island, Texas

Dear Newsletter:

I was surprised to see a name from Corpus Christi, Judy Pate, in
your last newsletter. I'm also in Corpus and yesterday it was 109,
an all-time high in Corpus Christi history. My husband and I are
coming to the Cloudcroft area the second week of October... can't
wait! We'd like to stay in a cabin for one night as close to the
Weed area as possible. Any suggestions? My Mom has land in Weed
and we don't know if it was destroyed in the fire or not, so
we're going to go up and check on that and enjoy the beautiful

We'd like to settle down in the Cloudcroft area when we retire,
hopefully in about 5 years or less. My husband's never seen the
area where my great grandmother is buried near Sunspot. I think
he'll fall completely in love with the area... I only wish the
area was for sale. Oh well, I hope all of Texas doesn't buy up
all the land there... you see, we're just so desperate for a
little piece of heaven. (No, I'm not a Texan, just a misplaced

Sandy Pierson
Corpus Christi

Dear Newsletter:

I could hardly believe my eyes when I read the article on the
Scott Able fire and how the Forest Service and the EPA are
engaged in a wrangle over when the salvageable wood could be
harvested. I would be very interested to know what kind of
public input the EPA wants (I'll be happy to contribute), and
just what in the world is left out there to assess? Of all the
bureaucratic messes, this is a real doozy.

Barbara Hardison

Dear Newsletter:

I've dreamed all of my life of living in a cool mountain
atmosphere. I am from Houston, Texas. And, I'm finally here. I am
hesitant to voice any opinion on the "Village" views. I try very
hard to educate myself and my family on important issues, but feel
we're too "new" to vote on any long term issues. Have tried to
speak with the locals and read the paper and all, yet still come
up short for any definitive answers. Perhaps it's best that we
"lay low" during these volatile times.

We took the paper for 2 years before we moved here and it about
scared us away. All the vicious talk and backbiting. Used to think
this was the epitome of a "dysfunctional" family, but the more we
observed, the more we realized that good, bad or indifferent, the
people of this community were not afraid to voice their opinions.
Yet, still think it's best to scrutinize one's self with one's
mind and others' with one's heart. After all, God desires Mercy
more than Sacrifice. It is a hard call. Annexation, property
rights, etc. What reasonable person wouldn't be a bit confused?
We've heard sound arguments on both sides of the fence. Everyone
seems to make sense. This is a highly charged issue that brings
us (big city, high I.Q., well reared, well educated people) to
the fence. We're in a dilemma and don't know how to handle it.
If any "someone" can help educate us on these issues, we'd deeply
appreciate any input. Otherwise, our best move at this point, is
to say and do nothing. That in itself is extremely uncomfortable,
however, if it is the responsible thing to do, then we'll remain
silent. For even a fool when he is silent, people will think he's
wise. Not being silent for a "wisdom" opinion, just really don't
know what's best at this point.

Someone, please help.
The Hughes Family

Dear Newsletter:

Please add me to your email list. I am also subscribed at home,
but I don't read that mail as often. I became interested in your
reports when we lost our cabin in the Scott Able fire this last
spring and I miss reading your newsletter.

Thank you, again, for all of the support you provided by keeping
us informed about the fire.

Linda Ground Sanders

Dear Newsletter:

My wife and I spent Labor Day Weekend in Cloudcroft. I just can't
remember when I had seen that many people in the village before.
It was a welcome sight, I'm sure, for all the different business

Although we were busy doing projects at our cabin, we still
found time to enjoy Cloudcroft. I also wanted to thank you for
your hard work in keeping this newsletter going and hopefully we
will be back up at the end of the month for another relaxing

Take care and see you at the end of September.

David & Deane Burks
El Paso, Texas

Dear Newsletter:

I have always looked forward to Friday (especially when I was
working for the other man's dollar) but being retired and
somewhat a freelancer now, I found new interest in Friday's. My
wife calls out from the office, "Hay! That thing you like from
Cloudcroft is on the computer." I get a little rush. You can tell
my life is not full of the excitement as that of a bull fighter.
Anyhow, I do look forward to your epistle.

I guess what I am stumping for is a mention of how the fighting
Bears from Cloudcroft High School fare with their gridiron wars.
I know they do struggle, but they do score a few points in my
heart. I bunk from time to time at cabin # 5 at the Buckhorn
Cabin operation. As you may know, I can see the football field 
nearby. Writers block paralyzes my thoughts frequently. I stroll
to a point where I can see the youngsters practicing and butting
heads. For some reason it refreshes my psyche... but not my
ability. I do return to the laptop with new vigor... possibly
supplied by the energy of the Fightin' Bears. 

How about adding a weekly score somewhere in the wonderful
newsletter we so enjoy? Sorry, about the length of my request.
I do enjoy staying in touch with the "cloud country."

Thanks. See ya!
Bert N. Shipp
Dallas, Texas

Dear Newsletter:

I have been a part of Cloudcroft for 2 generations and now I'm
able to share the experience with my son, he loves it!!!!!

We will frequent more often, that's a promise.... I also would
like to know why or if, anyone has thought about starting a fund
to bring back the old train, and have bed and breakfast tours 
(it's a thought). It may solve the slow tourist problem. I'm
glad to be apart of the community, it really is a special place.

Thanks for the news,
S. Averitt
Dallas, TX

Dear Newsletter:

We just completed a stay at the Pinecrest Cabins over the Labor
Day long weekend and really had a great time. We departed back
to San Antonio on Monday and got to experience the record for
all-time heat of 109. Then the next day at 112--wow. Even the
streets are melting.

After having lived all our life in Texas we can safely say, as
many already have, how nice it is to have the New Mexico
neighbors to share the mountains. Our long time goal is to come
to some pretty canyon high in the mountains at Cloudcroft, not
too far off, as it seems now that my son has reminded me that I
am heading, as he puts it, "into the last quarter."

The only mishap along the way was a screw that found its way
through my tire on Sat afternoon. Ever tried to get a flat
fixed in the town? The local policeman on the bike just couldn't
be of much help.


You x@#??!!, then put on the donut and slowly head down to
Walmart for the fix ($6.50). Maybe someone will add that service
to the town or I will get some 8 plys next time.

Well it's 10pm and time to water what is left of my yard as
another 100 degree dry day dawns.

R. Y. Wilson

Dear Newsletter:

We visit twice a year and we were up in July and will be up again
in January. My husband's grandfather, Mr. James O'Conner bought a
cabin on the corner of Swallow and Coyote years ago and we still
enjoy it. The community of Cloudcroft had a James O'Conner day
there previously.

We looked with Gary Mack at property for relocation in July. We
hope to be there within three years. I heard from one of my
patients (I am a nurse) that Cloudcroft has already received
snow???!!! Any truth to that rumor?

Keep up the good work, we love the newsletter and just so you
will grin... it is still 98-101 degrees in the Texas Hill Country
where we live in Pipe Creek, Texas.

Kimberly and Gary Langlinais
Pipe Creek, Tx

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