April 16, 2004
Dear Subscriber:

I apologize.

A short time ago I wrote an article welcoming the wonders of
spring to Cloudcroft. I also warned that winter might just be
hiding around the corner.

I had no idea those words would be so prophetic.

The weather people tell us we've had almost 2 inches of real
moisture on the mountain since the first of April. A lot of it
has been snow. I spent the day Sunday watching the final round
of The Masters' golf tournament after enjoying one of Peggy's
great Easter lunches. Some of that time was spent going outside
and periodically sweeping the snow off the dish. As I swept I
couldn't help but giggle a little. Maybe the fire danger we've
seen in the past few years won't be so much in the forefront
this year.

I'm on a prediction roll. My next prediction: The discovery
of a huge vein of gold in my backyard.

I'm not hiring a back-hoe just yet.


Speaking of weather...it's only a short time before anyone on
the internet anywhere in the world can click on Cloudcroft.com
and find out exactly what the temperature, wind speed and other
vital weather information is in Cloudcroft at that very moment.

We're hoping such access to that kind of information will help
visitors know what to expect when they get here. It will also
help locals keep up with what's going on outside. Local and
regional newspapers, radio and TV stations are welcome to use
this data with source credit. No charge. You're welcome.
Click on Cloudcroft.com regularly. We'll let you know when our
weather station is online. It won't be long.


Ginger died this week. Our neighbors Cheryl and Carla's Golden
Retriever. She was 12.

Dogs have such a natural love of people. Why can't they live a
life as long as ours?

Certain religions declare we will be joined with our loved ones
when we slide from this Earthly plane.

I know I'll see my loved ones. Some will hug my neck. My
old 4-legged friends will lick my hand and bring me a stick for
me to throw. There will be no war.

There will be no hate...and every time I tee it up the ball will
go where I want it to go.

Don Vanlandingham

The wettest April (so far) in recent memory. Snowed all day
Sunday. While it melted off before anyone had a chance to play
in it, it produced lots of good moisture. Some areas getting as
much as 2 inches of real precipitation. Water restrictions in
the village have been lifted (see VILLAGE NEWS this issue).

Highs in the mid-60s. Lows in the upper-20s.
All Village Council members were present for the Cloudcroft
Village Council meeting this past Tuesday.

A long list of housekeeping items were addressed.

Mayor Dave Venable also presented his report and recommendations
concerning the status of The Cloudcroft Police Department and
Police Chief Gene Green. The police have been at odds with the
Village for several weeks over salary, work hours and response
to Village police protection needs.

Venable reported that he and trustee Barbara Springer had met
with Green recently and many problems were addressed. It was
the Mayor's recommendation that Green's employment be continued
and the idea of an outside contractor for law enforcement in the
Village be tabled.

Green was at the Village Council meeting but did not address
the body.

Before a vote was taken, Andy Olson, the newest Village Council
member, asked the Mayor if he really felt comfortable with the
arrangement. Venable said yes. Olson asked Green if he agreed
and Green answered with one word, yes.

Councilman Erich Wuersching commented that since Green was not
an elected official, he could be removed from his position when
and if the Village decided if the situation did not improve.

Councilman Brad Rasch said he called about 200 Villagers with
his own poll. He said the respondents were overwhelmingly
against outsourcing the police department.

The vote to retain Green was unanimous.

Councilman Wuersching proposed that the water restrictions
placed on the Village be lifted in light of the recent increase
in moisture. Village Administrator Michael Nevison suggested
the board be careful since the area was still in a state of
drought and there was no way of knowing the depth of
Cloudcroft's water problems. He said a study to determine the
water needs and problems of Cloudcroft could take from 5 to 10

Weursching said the Council reserved the right to re-instate
water restrictions at any time if there was another serious dry
spell or if water usage in the Village spiked.

Councilwomen Barbara Springer agreed restrictions should be
lifted but she admonished the Village Administrator that the
water meter program needed to be completed ASAP so they could
get a handle on water usage and leak losses.

The council voted to rescind the restrictions. The restrictions
were lifted at 8 Wednesday morning.

The Council discussed the possibility of hiring a firm that
would draw up an ordinance regulating new construction of
communication towers in the Village. The Council decided to
postpone a vote until the company's references could be
checked more thoroughly and logistical questions could be

A protracted discussion ensued over the use of Village-owned
cell phones. Councilman Weursching said there was too much red
tape and record keeping involved and that only cell phone
minutes over the contracted minutes should be logged.

Mayor Venable said if it were a perfect world employees would
not use Village phones for anything other than Village business,
but he knew that wasn't the case.

Councilman Andy Olson suggested a cell phone allowance be
incorporated into an employee's salary. That way the employee
would be responsible for the contract and record keeping. The
board decided to research his idea.

The Village of Cloudcroft spends about $29,000 a year on phone
service (including both land line and cell).

Another payment was missed by the company operating Ski
Cloudcroft. The due payment was in the amount of $10,500 and
was due March 31.

Mayor Venable said Great American Ski was notified of the late
payment by both regular mail and certified mail and, as of the
night of the Council meeting, there had been no response. He
concluded his comments on the issue by saying they would have
to wait and see if the return receipt is received by the

The Cloudcroft Village Council meets the second Tuesday of each
month. The public is invited.

Conveniently located just one block off Hwy 82, the Summit Inn
is one of Cloudcroft´s finest lodging establishments. All rooms
feature wall-to-wall carpet, phones, color cable TV,
kitchenettes complete with dishes and utensils, and all linens.
Daily maid service is provided. The Summit Inn has several
cottages which are ideal for those who desire a little more
space and privacy. Weekly rates are available for both rooms
and cottages.

For more information, call (505) 682-2814, (877) 682-2814 (toll
free), email summitinn@hotmail.com, or see the link to our web
site on the Lodging page of Cloudcroft.com:


It's getting warmer! Time to make your camping plans.


Q - We thought it would be great to take a little of
Cloudcroft back with us to San Antonio. Will a small pine tree
transplant well from your area to ours?

A - Our species of trees are hearty and can live through
situations of drought, infestation and San Antonio people with
little spades but, for some reason, they don't transplant well.
Contact your local tree nursery. Maybe they can tell you the
best way to do it.
April 17-18 -- Rattlesnake Roundup. Alamogordo.

April 17 -- Terrance Simien. Zydeco music. Flickenger Center.

April 17 -- Native Plant Hike. Oliver Lee State Park. Bring
water, snacks and sun protection. Starts at 10am. 437-8284

April 22 -- Franc D' Ambrosio's Broadway. Flickinger Center.

April 23 -- Marcy Barnes of Blue Dog Arts. Open Book.
Alamogordo. 434 2667

April 24 -- Alamogordo Home and Garden Show.

April 24 -- Santa Fe Opera Apprentices. Flickinger Center.

April 24 -- Lake Lucero tour. White Sands.

April 24 -- 10th annual Community Earth Day Fair. Alameda
Park Zoo.

May 1 -- Fiesta Finale. Flickinger Center. Alamogordo.

May 1 -- Skywatch program. Free planetarium show. NM
museum of Space History. Alamogordo. 437-2840

May 1- July 31 -- A T-Rex named Sue. Hubbard Museum, Ruidoso

May 5 -- High Noon book club. 12pm. In the library. Bring
your lunch and join us in discussing MEMOIRS OF A GEISHA by
Arthur Golden.

May 6 and 8 -- Little Women. Play by Alamogordo High School.
Flickinger Center.

May 7 -- An evening with comedy writer Don Foster. Flickinger

May 8 -- Old Timer's Reunion. Cloudcroft.

May 8 and 9 -- Heritage Preservation Days. Oliver Lee Park.

May 29, 30 -- Mayfest. Cloudcroft.

June 12 -- Miss New Mexico "Show Me Your Shoe" Parade. Golf
Tournament at the Lodge Golf Course. Proceeds go to the
Scholarship Account for the Miss NM Contestants.

June 18, 19, 20 -- Western Roundup. Cloudcroft.

June 19-20 -- High Rolls Cherry Festival. 9am - 5pm each day.
Food, drink, cherry and cherry products, activities for kids,
arts/crafts vendors. As of early April it appears that we will
have abundant local cherries. (505) 682-1151

June 25-27 -- Chimney Spring Bluegrass Festival. For more
information call 505-687-3520.

July 10, 11 -- July Jamboree. Cloudcroft.

July 23-25 -- Singing in the Clouds. We invite all to join us
for some great gospel singing, solo's, trio's, quartet's, and a
lot of group singing by all. (325) 691-9123.

September 19 -- Gary Johnson’s Cloudcroft Run. World’s highest
certified 10k run. For more information call 505-687-2133.

October 2, 3 -- Oktoberfest. Cloudcroft.

Cloudcroft Art Society meets the second Sunday of each month,
2-4pm, in the Old Red Brick School House. Call (505) 682-3004
for more information and details on the Cloudcroft Summer Art

Cox Canyon Volunteer Fire and Rescue is organizing an
auxiliary unit. If you would like to help support this group
of dedicated men and women, call 682-3084, 682-4664, 682-3719
or 682-3234.

Would you like to help deliver meals to the homebound around
Cloudcroft? Monday through Friday deliveries. Call the
Cloudcroft Senior Center at (505)-682-3022. For information on
other Senior Center services, see their web site, listed on the
Cloudcroft.com Links button.


Mountain Garden Club meets every third Monday of each month.
Call (505) 682-2910 for more information.

Senior Van from Timberon to Alamogordo leaves the Timberon
Lodge promptly at 8:30 every Tuesday morning.

Free Vitals Clinic. Cloudcroft Senior Citizens Center, every
Wednesday. High Rolls Senior Citizens Center, first Thursday
of each month.

For an online calendar of area events, click the Events Calendar
link in the left column of our home page:


Dear Newsletter:

Hi. My visit last September, plus your weekly newsletter,
cause me to send my third email to you. The first was when I
was there visiting to say how much I loved Cloudcroft. Second
was to say hi to Brad Rasch, formerly from Minnesota... met
his wife, and later Brad, while in town... and now I need to
comment on the golf story. 

When I arrived at the Lodge last September, my two goals were
to stay in town for five full days and not use a car (easy)
and learn how to play golf at The Lodge (hard).

I had a wonderful time taking lessons. Truth is, I had never
golfed prior and haven't golfed since. My strongest memory was
swinging a club over and over and over at 9000 feet in the
September sun. Never knew golf could be an aerobic activity!

The course is beautiful, too. The pro at the Lodge is a great
young man and a wonderful instructor. I recommend him for any
tuning up you may need!

Ellen Joseph
Minneapolis, MN

Dear Newsletter:

From a 62-year-old, part-time (but year-round-golfer in deep
South Texas -- McAllen), 13 handicapper who has to fight like
hell to keep it there. Good article.

And, yes I have conversations with my clubs. Some pleasant and
some unpleasant as there are times when I am certain it is
the equipment's fault and not the handler's.

Larry L. Rose
A part time resident

Dear Newsletter:

You brought back precious memories of my days of playing golf,
or, cow pasture pool, as it was commonly called by my redneck
friends, back then. A most challenging game, for sure, I recall
that my first swing at the ball sent it 300 yards straight
down the fairway, stopping within a few short feet of the pin
on the number one green.

My instructing friend laughingly assured me that there would
be many times when I'd wish for that lucky shot. He was right.
I wished for it after every tee shot, thereafter.
As a stockbroker in those days, golfing was an excellent means
of assuaging stress. In addition, I found the courses favorable
places to hide out (clients always wanted to sell/buy at the
wrong time), so I'd play as much as twice a week on various
courses within a radius of a hundred or so miles from my

Such regular practice presented proof of its necessity. Almost
without fail, I'd shoot in the high 60's to low 70's, no
matter the course. 
I often wondered what it'd be like to play the "back nine" on
those beautiful courses. 
Al Denard
Abilene, TX

Dear Newsletter:

Enjoyed this article on the "Masters" tournament at Augusta. I
too, love the game of golf. I haven't played in a while
afraid of embarrassing myself and my buddies. What the heck,
we're not professionals, even some of those guys flubbing shots
every once in a while. So, they in good company, right.

I actually, find myself portraying Bill Murray from Caddy
Shack on the links with hits low voice and his swagger. Now
even Tiger is portraying Bill Murray on his commercials, now 
that is funny.

Don, I have enjoyed your newsletters in the past that I get
via the internet. This is the first time I replied to one.
Keep up the good work and to one duffer to another, just let
her rip or let the big dog eat!

Austin, Tx.

PS - I need to make it back up to Cloudcroft this summer and
play a round there. See you on the links!

Dear Newsletter:

Thanks for the pictures of the "cold hummingbird". Poor baby!
Hope he, it, or she, (whatever) survived.

Some of my favorite "people" are hummingbirds and butterflies.
We are lucky enough to have a few drop by occasionally. They
are always welcome.

I noticed in your events listings, you are having an Easter
egg hunt and an Easter bonnet parade. We will probably have to
hunt Easter eggs in our homes. Easter morning is predicted to
start out at 32 degrees. And that is pretty cold for the
little ones to look forward to egg hunting. But we have been
blessed with some very welcome rains. And we won't "fuss"
about a little cold weather. 

Keep playing golf. It is a wonderful game. 
Thanks again for the great newsletter. 
Marian G.
Hereford, Texas

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