April 18, 2003
Dear Subscriber:

I have some impressions about this war in the Middle East.

For instance, is it just me, or have others noticed how
attractive the Iraqi people are?

Especially the children. They're good looking. They are olive
skinned with clean complexions with big dark eyes. Most have
those been-to-the-dentist smiles and seem to be as animated and
care-free as their Western counterparts.

An oppressive government isn't enough to quell the spirit of a

The photographers are probably having a great time catching
these youngsters on film interacting with our soldiers.

Maybe it's their desert environment. Perhaps we all need an
occasional sandstorm. Maybe it's good for the skin.

I only hope the thoughts behind the eyes of those kids are as
clear of complexion. I think they are. Youngsters have a way
of figuring things out.

And how about those demonstrators? The ones that helped tear
down the statues. The ones that have been stealing things
that aren't nailed down.

"No time for breakfast, Honey. Me and the guys are going out
and rip down a mural of Saddam and loot a museum."

My opinion is these looters are no more representative of the
Iraqi people than the clowns in Big City America that riot and
loot when Big City wins or loses a football, hockey, basketball
or baseball pro, college or high school game (or even a
horseshoe tournament). Every community has its losers. These
people are likely an embarrassment to the rest of the Iraqi

I think the overwhelming majority of the people in Iraq are
like you and me. I see lots of pictures of them reading
newspapers and, while the camera angle isn't always perfect, I
don't think they're reading the comics. They seem to have an
interest in current events and the future of their country and
for the most part seem aware that the Coalition's intentions
are good.

They work for a living. They seek normalcy. They want the same
things we want. A few good friends. A good future for their
kids. Good tires and, failing that, a good jack.

We'll see these people when the chaos is over. Right now
they're just trying to take care of their families.

It would be nice to see an occasional TV piece on these normal
people, but I guess that doesn't make for adequate viewer

I just heard the pilots and support people flying the Stealths
from Holloman Air Force Base came home today (Wednesday). Good
job, guys. You fulfilled your missions and didn't even scratch
the paint. This time, the lunch is on me.

War is a terrible thing with many ugly faces. There is not one
among us that won't be glad when it's over.

Don Vanlandingham

Some extremes in the weather this week. About 0.2 inches of
rain Tuesday, followed by the mother of all wind storms,
temporarily compromising electrical power for a few residents.

Officially, wind levels reached peaks of 65 miles per hour, but
it may have been much higher as it blew through some of the
valley areas. Damage assessments are on-going, but nothing
extensive has been reported.

Highs in the mid-60s. Lows around 30.
The Alamogordo Senior Olympics will be held April 20 through
the 26th.

Anyone 50 years or older is eligible to compete.

Call Jean Duncan for more details. (505) 439-4150.
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to the public. Our operation consists not only of property
sales, but also a full-time property management team, the
largest, most active construction firm in the area, a land
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cabinet shop, a retail lumber and supply facility, and most
recently, Custom Concrete, a six-day-a-week concrete service.

Two of our most notable accomplishments have been the
development of Bear Park Subdivision and the construction of
the Burro Street Exchange in downtown Cloudcroft. Considering
these services, and combined with in-house financing ability
for customers, people agree that we are the most comprehensive
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For more information, see the link to our web site on the Real
Estate page of Cloudcroft.com:


Vacation time is almost here. Here's a great place to visit in
New Mexico.


Q - There was a letter from a lady in the April 4 newsletter
that took you to task for not supporting our efforts in the
Middle East. Did I miss something?

A - You're likely referring to the letter from Sandy Pierson.

I think her letter was in response to others that did not
support our efforts in The Middle East. I don't think she was
referring to me.

Our policy is to allow political discourse in the letters
section of The Newsletter.

To clarify our position...we are firmly behind our government's
efforts to make us safe from terrorism and to rid our world of
those that will brutalize their own people for their own ends.
April 18-19 -- Easter Weekend celebration. Check with the
Chamber of Commerce for events and times. (505) 682-2733.

April 19 -- Easter Bonnet Parade. Downtown Cloudcroft.

April 20 -- Community Sunrise Service. Cloudcroft Methodist
Church. 7am.

May 3 -- Smokey's Revenge mountain bike race.

May 10 -- Old Timer's Reunion (505) 682-2932

May 11 -- Cloudcroft Art Society Mother's Day Show and Sale.
Red Brick School House, 11am - 4pm. (505) 682-3004.

May 17, 18 -- High Altitude Classic bike race (505) 682-1229.

May 17-18 -- Annual Art Society Miniature Art Show and Sale.
Red Brick School House, 11am - 4pm. (505) 682-3004.

May 23-24 -- Mayfair.

May 23 through the 25th -- Melodrama. Open Air Pavilion.

May 24-25 -- Annual Art Society Miniature Art Show and Sale.
Red Brick School House, 11am - 4pm. (505) 682-3004.

June 7 -- National Trails Day

June 7 -- Miss New Mexico Day Parade

June 13, 14 -- Melodrama. Open Air Pavilion

June 20, 21 -- Western Roundup

June 21, 22 -- High Rolls Cherry Festival

June 27-29 -- Blue Grass Festival. Camp Chimney Spring

July 4 -- Burro Avenue celebration.

July 4-6 -- Melodrama. Open Air Pavilion

July 5 -- Street Dance. Burro Street.

July 11, 12 -- Melodrama. Open Air Pavilion.

July 12, 13 -- July Jamboree.

July 12 -- Street Dance. Burro Street.

July 18, 19 -- Melodrama. Open Air Pavilion

August 30, 31, Sept. 1 -- Labor Day Fiesta

September 1 -- Lumber Jack Day

September 21 -- Governor Johnson's Run/Walk

Cloudcroft Art Society meets the second Sunday of each month,
2-4pm, in the Old Red Brick School House. Call (505) 682-3004
for more information and details on the Cloudcroft Summer Art

Would you like to help deliver meals to the homebound around
Cloudcroft? Monday through Friday deliveries. Call the
Cloudcroft Senior Center at (505)-682-3022.

Mountain Garden Club meets every third Monday of each month.
Call (505) 682-2910 for more information.

Senior Van from Timberon to Alamogordo leaves the Timberon
Lodge promptly at 8:30 every Tuesday morning.

Free Vitals Clinic. Cloudcroft Senior Citizens Center, every
Wednesday. High Rolls Senior Citizens Center, first Thursday
of each month.

For an online calendar of area events, click the Events Calendar
link in the left column of our home page:


Dear Newsletter:

Thanks for keeping my Thursdays interesting.

I loved it when we were up in the Sacramento’s and the wind
would come whistling across the mountain and you could see a
front or sheet of rain as it came across the mountain. I
remember that you could smell the cleanliness of the rain even
before it arrived.

I miss that. Living in a big city has its draw backs. As I have
said before, the one thing not a draw back to living here is
the year round GOLFING.

What a trade off. I would love to be standing where you are, and
you might love to be standing here to play a round of golf.
Let’s trade for a day, what do you say? Keep up the good work.

Philip Duncan
The Woodlands, Texas

Dear Newsletter:

As a new reader, I look forward to each issue. You take the
reader "behind the scenes," you illustrate or illuminate a
point, interesting details of true stories and planned

Douglas Courchene 
Mt. Olive, NC

Dear Newsletter:

After two years I finally found your web site. I've missed
reading about you and wife and the community of Cloudcroft.
Your newsletters paint a picture that most people can relate

Tom Barnett
Boyd, Texas

Dear Newsletter:

I really enjoy your newsletters and my favorite part is the
editorial at the beginning.

You are an excellent writer and I thank you for sharing your
gift with the rest of us. As a former resident of the area, I
am often reminded of some wonderful times as I read your
newsletter (and yes, I do return from time to time and my first
stop is always Sunspot. I think it is one of the most beautiful
views I have ever encountered).

I thought you might enjoy some sights from the Texas Hill


Charlie Smith
Mason, Texas

Dear Newsletter:

Greetings Don and Readers!

I would like to invite all avid golfers who will be in
Cloudcroft or who can get to our village on Saturday, June 7,
to golf in the Miss New Mexico Golf Tournament to be held at
the Lodge Golf Course.

The $40 entry fee will include: Golf, Cart, Prizes, and Lunch.
Lunch will be with the 23 beautiful young women who will be
competing for the chance to win Miss New Mexico and go on to
the Miss America Pageant in September!

What a great deal! Good golf and beautiful surroundings for
such a small fee! We will have two shotguns on that day, one
at 8:00 and one at 1:30 with lunch in the middle at 12:30.

We also have scheduled a parade down Burro Ave at 10:30 am
featuring all of the contestants and there will be autograph
signing at the local businesses after the parade. So bring
your family and everyone will be entertained.

Golfing will be in teams of 4 at $40 each person or $160 per
team. If you need to be put on a team, we will probably have
some teams who will need a partner.

To enter or for more information, please call Jason Baldwin at
the Cloudcroft Chamber 505-682-2733 or Carol Henry at
505-687-2070. We also need hole sponsors for $100 each if
anyone is interested. ALL PROCEEDS will go to the Miss New
Mexico Organization Scholarship Program for the higher
education needs of our deserving young women!

Hope to see you on Saturday, June 7!

Carol Henry

Dear Newsletter:

To those at the newsletter, I have had a subscription to your
newsletter since the fire started at Scott Able Canyon May 11,

I own a cabin in Hay Canyon, and your letter was my main source
of news about the fire. I was in Phoenix, Az. at the time and
your news was most welcome.

For some unknown reason,I have ceased getting your weekly
letter. This began about three or four weeks ago, and I
resubscribed a couple of times, to no avail. Please, please, 
put me back on your mailing list.

Shelby Dugas

[If you cease getting the Newsletter, just resubscribe. You
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Dear Newsletter:

The paintball fields are located on US 82 Hwy, down the mountain
on the old Tony Lama Farm and Fred Flores property, on the south
side of the Hwy US 82. Contact Fred Flores in Alamogordo, he is
in the phone book.

Hope this helps.

Ed Haseloff,
Cloudcroft Properties Real Estate,
Village Plaza

Dear Newsletter:

Regarding cooking at high altitudes: A good resource is The
High Altitude Cookbook, which explains how to adjust for higher
altitudes. A pressure cooker is an excellent way to cook beans,
rice, etc., at high altitudes.

Cheryl Travis
Round Top, Texas/High Nogal, Cloudcroft

Dear Newsletter:

Here is an answer to your readers question:

"The New High Altitude Cookbook" by Beverly M. Anderson and
Dona M. Hamilton.

I have found this book to answer many problems about cooking
and baking in the mountains.

As Always,
Andy H.

Dear Newsletter:

One of the best pages for info on the high altitude baking
problem is the following:


Go there and check it out.

Dale Hixson
Grand Junction, CO

Dear Newsletter:

If people use boxed cake mixes they can follow the "high
altitude" directions and the cake will turn out beautifully.
I use Betty Crocker most of the time, so that is the brand I
know about.

Thank you for your patriotic stance. Me, being one of the
"over 40" crowd, really appreciate support of our country and
our President.

Thanks again,
Sandy Potvin

Dear Newsletter:

About cooking beans and cakes at altitude: As the computer
experts say, "Use the Force, young Skywalker!"

By which they mean use the Google search engine on the Internet.

--They still make pressure cookers. Check with Farberware,
Presto, Mirro, etc. Both Farberware and Presto get good reviews,
but Presto is much cheaper. Beans should cook in a hurry.

--About baking cakes at altitude: Go to


for a start. They recommend less baking powder and sugar and
more liquid. Also a slightly higher oven temperature.

There is no shortage of advice on the Internet.

Best regards,
Peter Chase
Alpine, TX

Dear Newsletter:

When we first moved here from Louisiana, beans were a real
challenge and the beans won. Then, we got a water softener and
no more bean cooking problems. I am certain that either
drinking water or distilled water from the store would be
equally a success.

Now, baking cakes if from a mix, there is a high altitude recipe
on the box. Just follow it and cakes will be perfect.

A Louisiana native and Weed Resident,
Beverly Bridges

Dear Newsletter:

I never have trouble cooking dried beans in the high altitude -
if you use your pressure cooker and make sure you have plenty
of water with the beans. You do not even have to soak them.

I cool my cooker down about half way through the cooking time,
just to open the lid and add my ham, sausage, jalapenos & salt,
then back on the fire to pressure them a bit more. My cooker
is about a 4 quart cooker and it takes beans about 2-3 hours 
at a temperature just high enough to make the regulator rock.

Cake mixes have high altitude directions on the box, so you
could follow those directions to modify your own creations.

Hope this is of some help.


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