JULY 7, 2000
Dear Subscriber:

Greetings from rainy Cloudcroft, where afternoon rains are more
the rule than the exception lately. This is a far cry from the
very dry conditions we had just a couple of months ago.

We hope each of our readers had a safe and enjoyable 4th of July
holiday. There was a good crowd of people in the Village during
the weekend despite the fact that the July Jamboree was
re-scheduled for the middle of the month. Ironically, the 4th
was among our few dry days in past weeks, but it was typically
cool and breezy. It turned out to be a perfect day for getting
together with friends and celebrating the country's birthday.
The 4th of July is also a landmark day of sorts, reminding us
that the summer is rapidly getting away from us and before we
know it the days will turn brisk and footballs will fill the

One change in this week's newsletter: we now list events for 
the next two months in our "events" section. We have been
including events of the next thirty days, but there were enough 
requests for more projected information from our readers that 
we decided this change would be a good idea.

Don Vanlandingham
According to official accounts, this has been one of our wettest
summers in recent years. The extra moisture has actually caused
some problems in the area of the Scott Able Fire that occurred in
May. The burned area is now eroding badly and post-fire experts
are working to contain the mud slides and other problems.

There are no restrictions in the Lincoln National Forest as of
late last week. Don't forget to pack a windbreaker! It still
gets a little chilly at night and during cloudy and rainy days.
Highs this past week have been around 70 and lows in the lower
While the Forest Service has rescinded all the restrictions on
recreational areas in light of the recent rains, the Village of
Cloudcroft has decided to keep their restrictions in place.
No open flames or smoking are allowed outdoors within the Village
limits. Cloudcroft Fire Chief Erich Wuersching has also
suggested that homeowners in and around Cloudcroft make their
properties safer from fire danger by creating "buffer zones"
around their properties by clearing brush and flammable materials
from around the house.
The Flower Casita is Cloudcroft's only flower shop with a 
complete selection of fresh flowers. Check with Steve Tate for 
flowers for special occasions or just to say "I Love You." The 
Flower Casita is one of the creative merchants in Artisan Alley. 
Call (505) 682-2773 or email us at Cloudcroft2000@hotmail.com 
for more information.
How old are you? It doesn't matter. A trip to Toy Train Depot
and a ride on one of their famous miniature trains makes anyone
feel like a kid again. The Toy Train Depot is located in Alameda 
Park on White Sands Blvd in Alamogordo in an old original depot 
building. The Toy Train Depot also features model train displays. 
About 30 minutes from Cloudcroft.
Q - Is Cloudcroft growing in population?

A - According to unofficial figures, the full time population of 
the Village has seen very little change in the past several years 
and is now around 700 persons. Cloudcroft's largest population 
(a combination of full and part time residents) is in the summer 
months. There is an increase in the number of part time residents, 
however, as made evident by a fair amount of new home building in 
the area.
July 13, 14 and July 21, 22 -- Melodrama. Cloudcroft Light Opera
Company (CLOC). Open Air Pavilion. Zenith Park.

July 15, 16 -- July Jamboree. Crafts, food, horseshoe tournament.
Zenith Park.

July 15 thru 17 -- Cloudcroft School Reunion. Call (505) 682 2098 
for details.

July 22 -- Chili cook-off. Call (505) 682 2733.

August 13 thru 16 -- Otero County Fair. Alamogordo.

August 18 thru 20 -- Singing in the Clouds. Spiritual singing.
High School Cafeteria.

August 20 -- Governor's 10K run.
Dear Newsletter:

Just a note to say how very much I enjoy the Cloudcroft news-
letter. My family lived in Cloudcroft from 1970-1972. My brother 
and I were in second through fourth grades there. My memories 
have been tantalized and my excitement of bringing my own 
children to the mountains builds with each newsletter!!!

Even more than my own excitement would be my Mother's! She had 
the very best of friends there!!! My family ran a laundry 
mat/town meeting place (odd as it sounds) on Burrow Avenue. 
If we returned from school unable to find any Moms, it was 
likely they were across the street (as in last week's mentioned 
Two Bears Boutique/Plumbing Shop be it the prior generation of 
Lane's, remember David and the rest of us were kids) in the back, 
furiously engrossed in a cut throat, winner takes all game of 
Jacks.... Yes, Jacks!!! Do they still have The Cloudcroft Women's 

So, any old timers (Anita Lane, Caroline Rogers, etc.) - My Mom,
Carrol Nelson, is coming to Cloudcroft for the July Jamboree and the 
School Reunion! Pat and Tom and various other McCarty's are coming 
too. So, anyone up to a challenging game of jacks and reminiscing?
Ever so looking forward to it, thanks for your newsletter.

Maryjane Fogarty

Dear Newsletter:

My wife and I became the proud owners of 1.5+ acres of land in 
the Cloudcroft area last fall and plan to move there full time in 
approximately five years (after retirement.) Mean while we have 
been visiting as much as possible (about four time a year.) That 
may not seem all that often, but it is a thousand miles round 
trip for us to visit.

We at present live and work in the Phoenix Metro Area and we enjoy 
this newsletter tremendously. My sister (Hi Wanda!) is a Tucson 
resident, but is luckier than I as she already owns a cabin there 
in the Cloudcroft area. She is however a very GOOD sister, because 
it is her place we stay when visiting.

I was just reading an e-mail from one of your subscribers, a 
Marlene Skaggs (found in the fourteenth issue of the Cloudcroft 
Online Newsletter) in which she suggests listing web & home pages 
of subscribers for the purpose of interaction between those of us 
not yet lucky enough to be there full-time as well as any full
time residents who might be interested.

I believe this is a great idea! I know this would be some what of 
a chore for you at the Newsletter, however a location where 
interested readers might post their page and or e-mail addresses 
would be fun and allow more interaction among residents and soon 
to be or want-a-be residents.

Thanks for what you do and keep the Newsletter coming...

See you all in July hopefully
Bill & Pat White

P.S. Hi Sue

Dear Newsletter:

Re: Your information about this trail in the online newsletter. 
Have you been on it anytime in the last five years? It is one of 
the most ill-kept trails on the mountain. Osha and Rim trails are 
examples of better kept trails. The Braille markers have been 
destroyed for years, and the some of the trees they refer to are 
long gone too. The wooden rails that define the trail have even 
been moved and are lying outside the trail. Evidence of vandalism 
is everywhere on this trail. I know you can't do anything about it,
but you could forward this to the Forest Service. It's a shame, 
because it is one of the prettiest and easiest trails in the area. 
It is badly in need of maintenance. I know the 'turnstile' type 
entry is designed to keep out motorbikes, but I doubt if someone 
in a wheelchair could negotiate it.

I am really enjoying your great online newsletter! I print it out 
and send it to my friends who don't have computers. My family has 
been coming to Cloudcroft every summer for over eighty years. We 
really feel like it's our 'second home' and do everything we can 
to support local businesses. Thanks for a job well done!

Ellen Dart
Austin, Tx.

Dear Newsletter:

I would like to express my delight in attending the Bluegrass 
Festival on June 23-24-25. Not only was the music superb, but the 
atmosphere was very inviting. Being held in the open air Pavilion 
(along with the wonderful weather that weekend) made the day a 
very memorable one... nothing could have been done to improve the 
event. IT WAS FANTASTIC. I would like to thank the City of 
Cloudcroft and the Chamber of Commerce for hosting such a great 
show. The location was just perfect. It is close enough to the 
town and stores to go between the two and the pavilion is a 
picturesque setting for the performances. The musicians did a 
great job changing from one group to another!

This event was very well organized and it showed.

The Artesia Senior Center brought two vans full of senior 
citizens to listen to the music and they enjoyed it tremendously. 
Each one is looking forward to coming back next year and bringing 
a friend. Before leaving Cloudcroft they strolled through town 
having ice cream along the way. The beauty of your great community 
and the fresh mountain air was a welcome relief from the hot, hot 
days we have had in Artesia this year. Thanks again for a very 
enjoyable weekend and thanks to everyone for being so gracious to 
our seniors at the Bluegrass Festival.

I am so pleased to receive your newsletter because now we know 
what is going on when, and we can plan trips to Cloudcroft for our 
seniors. We are bringing 2 vans to the July Jamboree on the 15th. 

We can hardly wait!!!!

Kay Needham,
Asst. Director, Artesia Senior Center 

Dear Newsletter:

Just returned from our weekend in beautiful Cloudcroft for our 
family reunion. We have been meeting there for many years now and 
each year look forward to the July Jamboree, which always 
includes the arts and crafts fair. However, we knew before we 
went that the weekend was moved to July 15-16. We were very 
disappointed and after shopping the charming town area we 
listened to many merchants that were equally upset because they 
did not seem to be considered when events were planned, etc. The 
street dance was not even held in the "street" so they could stay 
open and maybe make a few sales. Just wondering what was going on 
in our favorite vacation area?

We are meeting there next year on July 7th weekend and hope you 
will reconsider having July Jamboree on that weekend again. There 
were booth merchants that we enjoy seeing each year and hope your 
change of weekends doesn't throw off their schedule so they won't 
be there again. I have a feeling you will be getting lots of 
unhappy correspondence about the change-up.

Thanks for listening,
Londa Kessler

Dear Newsletter:

We recently held our family reunion at the Lazy Days Cabins and 
RV Park near Mayhill. I grew up in West Texas and now live in 
Dallas. Unfortunately we never visited Cloudcroft during my years 
of growing up. I wish we had. What an awesome vacation and family 
reunion we had there. The Merworths who own and operate the camp 
are great people and I would highly recommend the RV Park and 
Cabins. It is so cool and fresh there.

I am back in Dallas now and it makes me hot just to look outside. 
Our prayers and compliments go out to those of you there that 
keep it beautiful.

L.C. & Martha Williams

Dear Newsletter:

Like so many of the letters you have already received, I 
thoroughly enjoy getting your newsletter on line. My parents 
found your little village back in the early 50's. We took many 
vacations to your village while we were growing up. In recent 
years we have celebrated many Thanksgivings in Cloudcroft. My 
nieces and nephew always look forward to our trips to Cloudcroft. 
They still talk about the time in '93 when I told them the story 
of Rebecca and The Lodge. It has been about 4 years since I have 
been there but hope to visit your village again in the near 

Jana Anderson
Houston, TX

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