January 10, 2003
Dear Subscriber:

So I guess it's time for all those New Year's resolutions.

That's what the TV ads say. We're supposed to resolve to quit
smoking, quit being fat, quit having high cholesterol and other
quits too numerous to mention.

I think it's a good idea to make one resolution and try to
stick with it. More than one is an exercise in futility.

I resolve to quit being so belligerent. It would help me keep
my resolution if people would stop disagreeing with me.

When Peggy and I first moved to Cloudcroft in August of 1995,
Judy McFarland became an instant friend.

Since Judy worked for the Mountain Monthly newspaper, which was
in the same building as our recording studio, we saw each other
often. Judy has vast energy. I could talk to her all day long
and never become bored with her banter.

There is one issue Judy and I never agreed on. It had nothing
to do with politics or global warming.

It was the Dallas Cowboys.

I don't like the Cowboys. Judy thinks the Cowboys should form
their own religion of which she would eagerly become one of
their apostles.

Growing up in West Texas I was once a huge Dallas Cowboys fan.
I had all the stuff. Cowboys tee shirts. Cowboys posters.
The whole enchilada. Then the team was sold to Jerry Jones.
Tom Landry was fired. America's team became Jerry's team. I
didn't just become a non-fan of the Cowboys, I became an

But every Sunday during football season, there was Judy to
remind me of the Cowboys. She wore Cowboys sweaters. She had
Cowboys stickers on her car. I think she even had one of those
big foam-rubber "we're number one" blue and silver Cowboys
fingers. Every time I saw her waving it around I prayed for a
pair of big scissors.

When the Cowboys lost (which has been often of late) I would
seek out Judy and gloat.

Time passed. Peggy and I no longer have our business in the
village. We don't see Judy as often as we used to, but every
time I do see her, I yell "Judy-Judy-Judy!" and we hug.

A couple of weeks ago I saw Judy. She said something about the
Cowboys and I couldn't help myself. I went on and on about the
Cowgirls and how they couldn't play themselves out of a paper

Judy stood her ground. Looking me straight in the eye and
speaking in low and reverent tones, she explained to me how she
grew up in Fort Worth (I didn't know that). She told me when
she was a youngster how disappointed Fort Worth was when the
Dallas Texans left town to become the Washington Redskins. Judy
said her town felt abandoned...and maybe a little unworthy.

Then the Dallas Cowboys were born. The Dallas-Fort Worth area
was resurrected in the football world. They didn't just have
a new pro football team. After a few years, they had champions.

Judy said that was why football fans in the Dallas-Fort Worth
area ate drank and breathed Dallas Cowboys. In the 60s and 70s,
so did the rest of the country.

Judy stood there straight and proud and told me, "In Fort Worth,
the Cowboys weren't just a football team. They were a source of
pride. They redeemed us in the eyes of the rest of the country."

She turned and walked away. She probably should have kicked me
in the knee first. I deserved it.

It was just a short snippet of conversation, but it made an
impression on me. I became aware of the fact that dogging Judy
about the Cowboys over the years wasn't just casual sports
conversation to her. To her it was a legacy under fire. She
had her reasons for supporting that football team and it went
way beyond the football field.

I guess there's a moral to this story. I think it has something
to do with loyalty. To me, I learned not to dis someone's
viewpoint out of hand. They may have good reason to feel the
way they do.

I looked through my closet today to try and find my old Cowboys
jacket. I guess it got tossed out along with my disco records.
Maybe I'll buy a new one. I'm not a Cowboys fan, but I'm a
Judy fan.

Don Vanlandingham

A warming trend this past week. No new snow since just before
Christmas. Still ample snow for recreation. Highs in the
low-40s. Lows in the teens.
Dear Newsletter:

Happy New Year to you and all your faithful subscribers!

I love your newsletters.

I wish I were as lucky as you to have seen a Stealth. I'm not
sure what aircraft I saw several years ago at the El Paso Amigo
Air show, but I thought it was awesome.

It's the one that stops in mid-air--it's really amazing. When I
read about you saluting when the Stealths passed overhead, it
just made me cry.

My son is in the Air Force and is currently stationed overseas
at Prince Sultan Air Base. I am so worried about what seems to
be inevitable--war! I wish I could be like other moms, so proud
of their children in the Service. Don't get me wrong, I'm very
proud of my son--it's just that I still see him as my little
boy and when people ask me about him, I get teary-eyed. He's 23
years old and it's hard for me to see him as a man. I hear about
21-year-olds dying over there and it's just really hard.

Well anyway, I'm glad Harry made it home and you and Peg are
happy. Can't wait to drive up soon and see some snow and maybe
a Stealth or two.

God Bless You,
El Paso, Texas
80-day enrollment figures have been published by the Cloudcroft
Schools. The elementary school reported 117 students. The
middle school had 155. The high school, 177. Total enrollment
at the 80-day mark was 449.

Last year's enrollment at the same time was elementary, 136,
Middle School, 168 and high school, 173 for a total of 477.

28 fewer students are enrolled in Cloudcroft schools this year
as compared to last year...a decrease of 6 percent.
Cloudcroft Gallery and Gifts features art with a Southern New
Mexico theme. Our displayed works include oils, pastels,
watercolor, acrylics, graphite, charcoal, sculpture, pottery,
Raku, photography, jewelry, stained glass, and rustic furniture.

Please feel free to drop in and browse. We are located in the
Burro Street Exchange on Burro Street in the heart of Old Town
Cloudcroft. We are on the West side of the building, facing the
Post Office. For more information, call (505) 682-2630 or see
the link to our web site on the Shopping page of Cloudcroft.com.


Check this sight for current snow conditions around the state.


Q - I've been reading about Juarez in the papers lately. Is it
still safe to go there as a tourist?

A - Crime and political conflict has been on the rise in Mexico
of late, but there has been little in the way of assaults on
tourists in the border city with El Paso.

Some simple advice when going to Juarez....

Don't drive your car across the border. Take a cab if possible.
If you take your car, be sure there are no firearms in the car
(even if they're in the trunk and unloaded). Mexico has strict
laws against firearms.

Stay in the high-profile areas of the city.

El Paso is 90 miles from Cloudcroft.

January 10 -- Cloudcroft girl's and boy's basketball in Loving.

January 16-18 -- Cloudcroft girls basketball. Cliff Tournament.

January 16-18 -- Cloudcroft boys basketball. Dexter Tournament.

January 23 -- Cloudcroft boys basketball at NMMI.

January 25 -- Cloudcroft girls basketball at Hatch.

January 31 -- Cloudcroft girls and boys basketball vs. Tularosa
at home.

February 1 -- Cloudcroft girls and boys basketball vs.
Lordsburg at home.

February 3 -- Cloudcroft girls and boys basketball vs.
Tularosa at home.

February 6 -- Cloudcroft girls and boys basketball vs.
Capitan at home.

February 8 -- Cloudcroft girls and boys basketball vs.
Hatch at home.

February 14 -- Cloudcroft girls basketball vs. Tularosa. away.

February 14 -- Cloudcroft boys basketball vs. Tularosa at home.

February 15 -- Cloudcroft girls basketball at Lordsburg.

February 21 -- Cloudcroft girls basketball at Capitan.

February 28 -- Mardi Gras in Cloudcroft. 5 days of festivities.
Call (505) 682-2733 for more info.

Cloudcroft Art Society meets the second Sunday of each month,
2-4pm, in the Old Red Brick School House. Call (505) 682-2494
for more information.

Would you like to help deliver meals to the homebound around
Cloudcroft? Monday through Friday deliveries. Call the
Cloudcroft Senior Center at (505)-682-3022.

Mountain Garden Club meets every third Monday of each month.
Call (505) 682-2910 for more information.

Senior Van from Timberon to Alamogordo leaves the Timberon
Lodge promptly at 8:30 every Tuesday morning.

Free Vitals Clinic. Cloudcroft Senior Citizens Center, every
Wednesday. High Rolls Senior Citizens Center, first Thursday
of each month.

For an online calendar of area events, click the Events Calendar
link in the left column of our home page:


Dear Newsletter:

I look forward to each issue. Our goal for the New Year is to
become property owners in Cloudcroft or the immediate area.

Both my wife and I were raised in Las Cruces and still consider
New Mexico home, although we have been living (working) in
Houston for almost 30 years. We can't wait to get back "home".

Mark Stevenson 

Dear Newsletter:

We came to our cabin on Coyote on Dec 26; found lots of snow -
in fact it took me almost an hour to dig out our steps and get
the water turned on.

Our daughter and son-in-law and their two teenagers got there
just as I had a parking place cleared. We all really enjoyed
the winter scenery; they went to Snow Play area the next 
morning and the ski area that afternoon and the next day. Had
a very good time. 

I don't think the nay sayers who suggest the village is going
to go to pot because of new developments are anywhere near
right. It will take a long time before many new homes are
built, plus the village has controls in place to maintain its

Charles Taylor

Dear Newsletter:

We just returned home to Arkansas from Cloudcroft where we spent
the week between Christmas & New Year's.

It was beautiful there! We were impressed with the cold weather
that didn't feel cold! I guess that's what a dry climate is all

I thoroughly enjoyed your opening letter today about your cats.
We have a calico (among our 7 felines) who used to pull that
disappearing act from time to time. Once she was gone for a
whole week, during which time we worried & pined, then even got
her replacement, a little female gray tabby, and that's when the
calico returned home!

Isn't it amazing how felines can work their way into your home
& heart, and make you grateful you've adopted them? Before you
realize it, you find that the cats are the ones running the

Thanks for the weekly updates.

Jeannie Monteith Campbell
Harrison, Arkansas

Dear Newsletter:

Thanks for that letter on Harry. We also have a cat we have
assigned to the outdoors. She is getting old and I know one day
she will probably not return. Doesn't make it any easier, even
if you think you are immune from such feelings.

Cats and dogs, why do they put us through this? The very nerve
of them. Wouldn't it be nice if we were as oblivious to them
as they are to us. I guess the entertainment and love that we
get from their company can never be replaced, because when they
give it, it is completely. Without reservation with who we are,
what color we are, what religion we are, what..., well you get
the picture.

I wouldn't trade their friendship and love for anything. It's
the only truly genuine thing left. (Except for my wife's love,
my best friend's face, and a good song in church on Sunday
morning.) By the way, hope you find Tom soon.

Philip Duncan,
The Woodlands, Texas
By way of Carlsbad, NM

Dear Newsletter:

Loved your cat story!

Years ago, when the children were small we lived in the Houston
area. We had a Boxer dog and no real desire for any other pets. 
(At least that is how the adults felt!) Somehow the kids talked
us into a couple of gerbils that they named Happy and Herbie.

When we decided they weren't cleaning up after them well enough,
etc., we relegated them to the garage. Soon after that move,
the kids brought home a stray cat they found along the edge of
the woods. They begged and begged to keep it. We finally agreed,
but only if it too, was an outside and or garage cat!

They quickly named him Homer! The following morning we
discovered Homer was a female cat and she made her dinner on
Happy and Herbie the very 1st night! So for 13 years we had a
female cat named Homer!

Sarah Keith,
Carlsbad, NM.

Dear Newsletter:

Really and truly I get such a kick out of the escapes you all
encounter in your life in Cloudcroft. 

Latest Harry missing for five days....

Ever consider publishing your stories?

Put me down for a copy. I have been enjoying the many stories
thru the years. Maybe a top seller?

Best wishes,
Pat Lucas
El Paso, Texas

PS: Give my love to Nachos and Virgina Balderama in Cloudcroft.

Dear Newsletter:

I have been receiving your newsletter for over a year now and
love to get home and have another on the e-mail list.

We have just returned home from there and I am already wishing
we were back. Our first visit to Cloudcroft (11/01) was not for
fun in the beginning. (My father-in-law was lost for over 17
hours in the mountains, when he was found by your WOUNDERFUL
But that's another story.)

Upon arrival in the your town, of course, the first thing a
girl has to do is check out the shops. There was three of us
and let me tell you, we had a blast.

The shop owners and employees were so friendly. I fell in love.
That was Thanksgiving and by the time we left for home we had
planned to return after Christmas, which we did for a week. And
again the this year the day after Christmas to find more snow
then last year.

We love the area and have considered making a move. To all of
you that read this newsletter and dream of being in Cloudcroft,
never let those dreams die, and when possible take the trip; 
you will feel totally at home and wish you did not have to

Happy New Year. Wishing you and your family a great year.

Giddings, TX.

Dear Newsletter:

The Stealth emails remind me of something that happened to me
some years ago that I'll never forget. We have some property
in High Rolls ('bout halfway up to Cloudcroft off Hwy 82). It
sits on the west side of the Sacramento's, with a clear view
across the desert to the San Andreas Mountains, so we see
Stealths on a regular basis - I even caught one accidentally
on film while taking a picture of a storm moving in from the
west. Most of the time, though - when you hear the Stealth
it's usually too late to see it, because by the time you run
outside it's already gone over to the other side of the
mountain, out of sight. 

We only get to visit our property occasionally as we too are
tied to jobs elsewhere. I'll never forget one visit to New
Mexico in October 3 years ago. I brought my best friend with
me, I had to do a lot of sales talking about how nice the
weather would be (its always raining here) and how much we'd
get to do outdoors.

To make a long story short, we were here for 4 days and it
rained all four of the days. If it was not raining it was
getting ready to rain. I was so disappointed and felt like a
fool for bragging so much about sunny days, (but was also
happy we were actually getting rain).

Anyway - the last day we were here, we took our umbrellas and
headed out to White Sands to visit the wonderful gift shop (too
wet to run around on the dunes). As we started back down Hwy 70
back to Alamogordo, the sun peeked out for a second. I even
remember sarcastically saying, that now that we're headed for
the airport the sun's going to come out (it did).

No sooner I said that I started hearing that familiar roar of
jets coming from the base. All of a sudden the Stealths started
taking off from Holloman and they were gaining altitude as they
were flying out, one after the other, right over our car!

I pulled off the road to stop and watch. I could actually see
the pilot in one of them as he dipped his wings back & forth
flying over us. No one will ever convince me that he was not
waving at us!

It made the whole trip worthwhile to me - after all, how many
of you can say they've had an F117 wave at them?!

Diana Powell
Nashville, TN

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