Rio Penasco Fire Photos
May 8, 2002

Rio Penasco Fire
The staging area on Hwy 130 near Russia Canyon. Crew members are dismantling the site.
At the height of the fire, this area was a small city, including a mess tent and hospital facilities.

Rio Penasco Fire
Helicopter L.Z. near staging area. These are smaller craft than those used during the apex of
the fire. They are there as a rear guard if there are any unexpected flare-ups.

Rio Penasco Fire
Burned residence near Wills Canyon close to Mayhill. Most of the homes in the fire's path
were saved by firefighters. Property protection in a fire like this is likely the most dangerous
part of the job.

Rio Penasco Fire
Burned structure on Wills Canyon Road.

Rio Penasco Fire
Burned out travel trailer near Bear Lake. While the Hotshots were unable to save the trailer,
notice the propane tanks were spared, probably through the efforts of firefighters to prevent
an explosion and subsequent spread of the fire.

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